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Smeg is an Italian brand with a strong reputation and long track record in range cooking, and was really the first brand to popularise the idea of range cookers in the UK back in the 1980's. Their style has not really changed since then, and when we think of a Smeg range cooker we definitely think "stainless steel", with delicate control knobs and nice attention-to-detail, but definitely a contemporary cooker for a modern home. The newly-launched Victoria is therefore an intriguing development.

Smeg Victoria TR4110

Traditional British Layout
Based on the same chassis as the existing Symphony range, the 110cm Smeg Victoria is a product aimed squarely at the UK, which is the strongest range cooker market in Europe, and a country where 110cm dominates as a replacement product size (it is unheard of on the continent). Clearly, Smeg have realised that they are missing out on this key area, and the recent introduction of the more recognisably Smeg-like Symphony and now the Victoria is an inspired move, and one which we think ought to pay off nicely. The adoption of the staggered cavity layout with a separate grill is also catering to a uniquely British need, as we seem to love the idea of a dedicated grill compartment. As a sign of their faith in the Victoria, Smeg are evidently aiming to invest considerable amounts on media advertising in the coming months.

The Smeg Victoria manages to achieve its, well, Victorian look very successfully, with its recessed door panels and characterful control knobs, whilst still retaining a contemporary edge, partly due to the typeface used for the Smeg logo on the smart rear upstand. Available in black or cream, the overall balance is pretty persuasive visually, and the underlying specification is also impressive.

With a 7 function programmable main oven on the top right, and a 6 function second oven bottom left, each oven offers fanned or conventional cooking, a grill and a generous 63 litre net capacity, together with easy clean enamel interior and triple glazed side-opening doors, which helps to ensure A-rated energy efficiency. The separate grill contains a fully variable 2.7kW grill for closed door grilling, and includes a roof liner for easy cleaning. The fourth cavity is a convenient storage drawer. On top, there are seven gas burners, including a powerful 4.2kW ultra rapid burner, set off by matt cast iron pan supports. Auto-ignition and flame supervision valves are included, and the hob will convert for LPG if desired. Standard accessories include a Teppanyaki griddle plate, grill trays and trivets and partial telescopic shelves, more of which are available as optional extras, as well as a pizza stone and folding shovel.

The Smeg Victoria will definitely appeal to those looking for a traditional cooker for a classic kitchen, who also want the kudos associated with the Smeg brand. It will be interesting to see if Smeg can pull off this move into what is a very competitive field, and one in which Aga Rangemaster is certainly the strongest player. The Victoria makes an interesting alternative to the Rangemaster Classic 110, whose arched oven windows and old-world charm is not to everybody's taste, and we look forward to seeing how it fares.

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