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range cooker features

As well as a variety of widths, colours and visual styles from classic to contemporary, range cookers also offer a variety of cooking features depending on the manufacturer, model and fuel type. Depending on what you use your cooker for , and your style of cooking, you’ll find some features more useful than others.

Multifunction ovens, for example, are found on an increasingly large percentage of range cookers available. They allow the oven to cook the food in different ways, depending on the dish – for example, when batch cooking cakes, one would select the fanned cooking function to ensure an even heat throughout the cavity. For roast dinners, the natural heat gradient of a conventional cooking function would afford the opportunity to roast different ingredients at different levels. Multifunction ovens are usually found on mid to high end cookers, although manufacturers are beginning to introduce them to entry level models.

When it comes to the hotplate, high powered wok burners are a definate consideration – often double ring, these burners offer intense cooking power to obtain the high temperatures required for successful stir frying. A cast iron will position your wok at the optimum height in the flame for cooking Eastern dishes tooFish kettle burners – in effect long oblong gas burners – come in extremely useful for poaching fish, but also prove their worth when making gravy in a roasting tray or using a griddle. Griddlea add an extra dimension to a hob and are a perfect way to cook anything from steaks to vegetables. Ribbed griddles also give food an authentic and appetising cross-hatch seared pattern.

Telescopic shelves make transferring food to and from the oven an easy job, and can be found on most upper end range cookers - in at least one oven - as standard. Similarly glide-out grills extend and support the grill tray, taking the hassle out of inspecting and turning food during grilling. Rangemaster cookers offer a Handyrack as pictured to the left – a simple but clever solution consisting of an oven shelf mounted to the inside of the door – meaning, of course, that when the door is opened the food is brought out with it. 

Triple glazed oven doors ensure that heat is kept inside the oven cavity, with only the absolute minimum escaping. This, in turn, equates to less energy being required to cook the food, making the oven vastly more efficient. Triple glazing also has the added benefits of soundproofing the oven as well as the outermost layer of glass being extremely cool to the touch, and therefore safer. The innermost glass panel can often be removed to facilitate ease of cleaning.

On the subject of cleaning, a number of features are available to make this most arduous of jobs slightly more palatable. Catalytic oven liners, sometimes referred to as ‘self clean’ or ‘easy clean’ liners, are available as standard on most models from Rangemaster, Falcon and Mercury, and on select models from Britannia, Smeg and Rangecookers. They are coated with a porous enamel which absorbs the grease and grime of everyday cooking., which is then broken down by catalysts within the enamel at normal cooking temperatures.

Pyrolytic oven cavities are coated with a different kind of enamel to withstand a very high temperature cleaning cycle. When the cleaning function is selected, the oven doors are locked for safety, and any grease or residue is reduced to ash leaving the oven like new. Pyrolytic cleaning functions are only found on a small  number of higher end cookers, including models for Smeg and Rosieres, but can be found on a greater number of built in ovens.

There are numerous other features available, including various levels and intricacies of oven timers and preset automated programs. Give us a call on 01244 402 975 and speak to one of the Rangecookers.co.uk team – we’re more than happy to offer advice and talk you through the benefits of various features.