British Range Cookers - Keeping the Flag Flying

The news media loves to pretend that there is no British manufacturing industry at all, but despite this there is still every opportunity to find a British-built range cooker. With two manufacturing groups offering a portfolio of brands and a variety of price-points, there are plenty of range cookers choose from, and you can help to support an important UK manufacturing sector.

Manufacturer: AGA Rangemaster
The AGA Rangemaster Group, based at their large factory site in Leamington Spa, includes not only Aga and Rayburn, but Rangemaster, Falcon and their most recent aquisition, Mercury, formerly an independand brand, still based in Lincoln.

AGA Rangemaster Range Brands
Falcon 1092 Deluxe and 900S
Rangemaster Professional Plus 110E and Classic Deluxe 90DF
Mercury RC1090

Rangemaster Click here to see all Rangemaster range cookers
The most prolific and well-known range cooker name, Rangemaster offer a wide range of styles and fuel configurations and undoubtedly the widest colour-range of any brand. From the entry-level Rangemaster 90 and 110 models to the very AGA-esque Elan 90 and Elan 110 or contemporary Elite SE 110, Rangemaster build to order at their sizable factory in Lemington Spa, and deliver your chosen range in around 4 weeks.

Falcon Click here to see all Falcon range cookers
Stepping up a notch, Falcon is a brand with a long association with professional kitchen equimpment, and although based on the same chassis as Rangemaster, Falcon range cookers offer a more serious and sturdy alternative, with higher guage steel, solid doors and no clocks or auto-timers to compromise the message. Their entry-level and great value Falcon 1092 Continental veers only slightly from this in offering windowed doors, but their most popular Falcon 900 Deluxe and 1092 Deluxe models are the ones which seem to hit the spot for most Falcon customers.

Mercury Click here to see all Mercury range cookers
One of our favourite range manufacturers, Mercury was recently bought by AGA and will hopefully continue to represent superb quality and attention to detail in a form that is very pleasing to the eye. Not just good to look at, the Mercury RC1090 has great integrity, with the Mercury brand being firmly rooted in professional kitchens, and as Mercury's only range cooker model the Mercury RC1090 is as solid and reliable as it is satisfying to use.

Manufacturer: Glen Dimplex Home Appliances
Although a privately-owned Irish company, GDHA manufacture the majority of their range cookers in Prescot, Liverpool, and own the Stoves, Belling, New World and also Lec Refrigeration brands.

GDHA Range Brands
Stoves Sterling 1100E and Richmond 900DF
Belling Kensington 100DF and DB4
New World 110DF

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A brand aimed at the same area of the market as Rangemaster, Stoves range cookers offer solid construction and excellent specifications in the form of their traditional Richmond and contemporary Sterling range cookers. Something of a pioneer, Stoves were the first to offer induction hobs on range cookers in the form of their Stoves Richmond 1100E and Sterling 1100E models. Although not as broad as their main competitor's line-up, the models available have been cleverly designed to offer better value for money, making a Stoves range a popular choice, and converting many Rangemaster customers along the way with their elegant good looks.

Belling Click here to see all Belling range cookers
An historic brand (we still come across customers with 30 year old models), Belling has very strong loyalty and an established reputation as a good "family" brand, offering well-made and attractive products at a very fair price. Belling Kensington models are built on the same chassis and to the same standard as the Stoves equivalents above, but with a simpler look and toned-down but still impressive specifications. The Belling Country Classic 100DF and 100G were until recently being made in Turkey but, in an admirable move, GDHA are now building this model (formerly known as the Countrychef) in their Liverpool factory, where 98% of their cooking products are now built.

New World Click here to see all New World range cookers
Another historic brand, though not as grand as it once was, New World is GDHA's entry-level brand, and New World range cookers now aim to deliver attractive products with basic specifications, at an easily affordable price. The New World range cookers with a traditional British layout (80DF, 100DF, 100G, 110DF, 110G) are all built in the UK, whilst their stainless steel models (on raised legs) are still built in Italy.