Hotpoint Openspace Wins Consumer Vote

The Hotpoint Openspace range of built-in ovens has already proved highly popular, offering as it does the largest oven capacity in its class, wrapped in a design which is highly pleasing and technically competent. The most popular model, the Hotpoint Openspace OS897DPIX, even features pyrolytic cleaning as well as the clever Openspace double-oven divider. In recognition of its credentials, the Openspace has been voted Product of the Year in a key consumer survey, as the following press release describes...

Fabriano, 4th February 2010 – Technological innovation, design and sustainability: these are the winning strengths of Indesit Company which have distinguished the Openspace oven as “Elected Product of the Year” ® 2010. The innovative 70 litre Hotpoint-Ariston oven has received a positive evaluation from 88% of the 8014 customers surveyed. During the research carried out, other than the design and the time saving allowed by the flexibility of the oven, the technological innovation and the eco-sustainability features (in relation to the other products in competition) have been recognised.

Hotpoint Openspace
Spacious, innovative and stunning in appearance, Hotpoint Openspace is a worthy winner

The secret of the Hotpoint-Ariston Openspace oven lies in the choice of giving technological innovation an environmentally friendly value: excellent performance which guarantees a remarkable saving in resources. Openspace is part of Ecotech, a selection of the eco-sustainability “champions” of the historic brand. A selection where the excellent performance of a higher technology guarantees a remarkable resource saving. In fact, Openspace is the only 60 cm oven with a 70 litre capacity which allows 30% energy saving compared to a standard oven. Still retaining a 60 cm external oven dimension and the traditional built-in model, it provides consumers with many benefits: with 20% extra capacity, 70 litres of great versatility, Openspace is the biggest oven on the market within its category. Thanks to a special insulating divider the oven can be split into two independent ovens (20 and 48 litre capacity) allowing for the cooking of two different dishes at the same time and with no heat loss.

The “Elected Product of the Year” Logo is one of the most popular among worldwide consumers. Within more than 15 European Countries, this logo allows companies to distinguish themselves, chosen products to stand out and consumers to recognise innovation. The decision is wholly in the hands of the consumers: their own vote becomes their own guarantee.

Indesit Company is Europe’s second biggest producer of home appliances by market share. It leads the market in Italy, the UK, Russia, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria and the Ukraine and is one of the leaders in France, Poland, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Greece. Founded in 1975 by the current chairman Vittorio Merloni and listed on the Milan stock exchange since 1987, the Group posted sales of €3.2 billion in 2008, having turned out 15 million appliances (washing machines, dryers, washer-dryers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, ovens and hobs). Indesit Company operates through 16 production facilities (Italy, Poland, the UK, Russia and Turkey) and 24 commercial branches worldwide and has 17,000 employees. The Group’s main brands are Indesit, Hotpoint-Ariston and ScholteĢ€s.

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