Oven Cleaning - Features to Make Life Easier

Cleaning the oven is a job nobody enjoys, which is why many people opt for a cooker which includes a self-cleaning feature of some kind. There are several different approaches to oven cleaning, as explained below.

Catalytic Linings
Variously referred to as self-clean, easy-clean, heat-clean etc, catalytic liners are available as standard on many range cookers, or as an optional extra on some. These liners are rough to the touch and usually a distinctive grey colour (often with a speckled decorative finish), and are sometimes removable.

How do they work? Catalytic liners are coated with a special porous enamel which absorbs grease and oven grime. This is then broken down by oxidising catalysts within the enamel, at normal cooking temperatures.

Which Cookers Include Them? Relatively easy to find, catalytic linings are available as standard on range cookers by Rangemaster, Falcon and Mercury, or on select models or as optional extras by Britannia, Cannon, Leisure, Hotpoint, Smeg and our own Rangecookers Ethos models.

Range Cooker Catalytic Lining
Typical Catalytic Oven Lining

Pyrolytic Ovens
Pyrolytic oven cavities are coated with a different kind of enamel, and are constructed to withstand the occasional very high temperature (500°C) cleaning cycle. The oven doors are locked for safety, and any grease within the oven is turned to ash, leaving the oven interior like new, with just the carbonated ash to brush away.

Which Cookers Include Them? More expensive to produce, pyrolytic ovens are harder to find, but can be found in Rosieres and Smeg range cookers, or selected Hotpoint, Indesit, Smeg, Bosch, Caple and Neff built-in ovens, amongst others.

Easy-clean Enamel
Some brands offer a special enamel finish which is much harder than standard enamel (e.g. Stoves Pristine enamel), and which grime cannot cling to as easily. When you do come to clean your oven, this is much easier to do with just a wipe rather than scrubbing away with a scourer or aggressive oven cleaning chemicals.

Steam Cleaning Functions
Some built-in ovens include a steam cleaning feature, which evaporates a reservoir of water to loosen grime and make cleaning much easier.