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Width: 100 cm

Fuel Type: All Electric

Key Features:

  • 990mm wide
  • Three zone Induction hotplate
  • Large Steel 'plancha' style cooking plate
  • 42L Electric main oven plus grill
  • Slow cook oven
  • 30L Electric oven
  • Chrome hob lids
  • Solid Cast Iron build quality
  • Decorative anologue temperature gauge
  • Wrap around heat elements
  • Cool touch swivel handles
  • Easy-close hinge
  • Oven humidity vent
  • Power-Share engineering
  • Concealed control panel
  • Touch button induction hob controls
  • Embossed ESSE branding
  • Chrome oven door handles
  • Runs on 2 x 13amp plugs
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ESSE 990 ELX Premium Colours

Key Features:

Standard Warranty

All ESSE range cookers are covered by a standard 2 year warranty, extendable to 5 years parts and labour upon registration within 1 month of delivery. Telephone 01282 813235 to register your product.

Delivery Information

ESSE products are built to order and typically delivered within 3 - 4 weeks. The ESSE home delivery team will contact you promptly to arrange a convenient day and, where possible, a time slot.

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Innovative, timeless and highly competent, an ESSE range brings significant style and considerable character into your kitchen, and there is much more to say about them than we can here. This ESSE 990ELX is broadly the same as the best-selling 990EL, but gives you “xtra” cooking capacity on the top! Instead of the smaller round versions you get large rectangular heat-retaining lids covering a stunning stainless steel cooking area on the right and a three zone touch-control induction area on the left. The lids may be large, but thanks to some clever engineering they lift up with ease via and elegant recessed drop hinges and, when up, they also double up as a splashback. The generous cooking areas allow you to cater for regular family meals or those occasional demanding dinner parties, and the stainless steel plate can be used for an array of pans or as a direct “plancha” surface for full breakfasts, stir fries, teppanyaki cooking, etcetera. The sleek induction area gives you the very latest in reliable technology for when you are in a hurry or just want to boil a kettle, with instant power to get things bubbling astonishingly quickly, and instant adjustability. Both areas are, of course, brilliantly easy to clean.

Below, two deep ovens give incredibly stable temperatures thanks to their naturally high thermal mass and ESSE’s patented heat surround technology, so you can place a dish anywhere in the interior for consistent results, and there is a slumber mode to economically keep things cosy and always ready for action. A simple oven humidity vent allows you to vary the moisture in the oven, from high for baking and steaming to low for crispy roasties, and there is a slow cook oven bottom left for delicious slow-cooked succulence or as a handy plate-warming space. There is no flue to worry about, and this amazing cooker runs on two standard 13 Amp sockets, so you can position it where you choose.

Clever, robust and reliable engineering forms the backbone to what ESSE do, turning strong traditional materials into elegant range cookers which their customers love to use and their friends admire. Their in-house glass enamelling process produces a gorgeous array of colours, from rich hues to delightful pastels, or a lengthy finishing process uses high performance specialist high-temperature paint for beautiful matt colours too. Since 1854 ESSE have been hand-building their warmth-giving products for homes across the land, and the technology may have evolved but the methods are essentially the same - experienced foundrymen and innovative engineers working together to achieve excellence, but the ultimate goal of delicious food is down to you!
General Features
Controls (Material) Rotary (Plastic)
Timer Programmable timer
Facia Cooling No
FSD Not applicable
Additional Features Decorative rail
Cooker Accessories
Width (mm) 990
Depth (mm) 665
Height Min (mm) 900
Height Max (mm) 900
Weight (kg) 327
Packed Weight (kg) Unavailable
Fuel Electric
LPG Convertible Not applicable
Fuse 2 x 13 Amp or 40 Amp cookerbox
Electrical Load (kW) Unavailable
Type Induction + Steel Plancha
Ring 1 (kW) 2.0
Ring 2 (kW) 1.6
Ring 3 (kW) 1.6
Ring 4 (kW)
Ring 5 (kW)
Ring 6 (kW)
Ring 7 (kW)
Ring 8 (kW)
Speciality Rings Steel plancha, Large multi-pan zones
Pan Supports [Number] Not applicable
Ignition Not applicable
Additional Features Power boost, Safety lock, Pan detection, Residual heat indicators, Square sprung lids
Cavity 1
Type [Energy Rating] Control panel
Actual Capacity (L)
Usable Capacity (L)
Cavity Width (mm)
Cavity Depth (mm) Unavailable
Cavity Height (mm) Unavailable
Door [Location] Left hinge [Top left]
Cleaning None
Shelves [Number] None
Cavity 2
Type [Energy Rating] Slow cooker
Actual Capacity (L) Unavailable
Usable Capacity (L) 30
Cavity Width (mm) Unavailable
Cavity Depth (mm) Unavailable
Cavity Height (mm) Unavailable
Door [Location] Left hinge [Bottom left]
Cleaning Enamel
Shelves [Number] Wire [1]
Functions Slow cook
Cavity 3
Type [Energy Rating] Grill Conventional oven
Actual Capacity (L) 42
Usable Capacity (L) Unavailable
Cavity Width (mm) Unavailable
Cavity Depth (mm) Unavailable
Cavity Height (mm) Unavailable
Door [Location] Right hinge [Top right]
Cleaning Enamel
Shelves [Number] Wire [2]
Functions Conventional, Single-circuit electric grill
Cavity 4
Type [Energy Rating] Conventional oven
Actual Capacity (L) 30
Usable Capacity (L) Unavailable
Cavity Width (mm) Unavailable
Cavity Depth (mm) Unavailable
Cavity Height (mm) Unavailable
Door [Location] Right hinge [Bottom right]
Cleaning Enamel
Shelves [Number] Wire [1]
Functions Conventional

Product codes relating to this model:

Lava - Nightingale - Primrose - Claret - Fern Green -

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