Lacanche Copper Trim is Back, and Better Than Ever

Premium French brand Lacanche have re-introduced Copper as a trim option on their famously gorgeous range cookers, after giving it a bit of a break.


The solid reassurance of Lacanche controls and handle-brackets is only enhanced by the warmth and friendliness of copper

Electro-plating Perfectionists

First introduced in 2016, copper became the sixth trim option available to Lacanche customers, along with thirty high-lustre enamel colour options. Although very on-trend and a stunning addition to the product range, the process of copper plating onto the solid brass knobs and handle brackets is a notoriously tricky one, and copper trim proved reluctant to consistently meet with Lacanche’s high standards so was withdrawn for a while. A new electro-plating specialist was sought, the process perfected, and now copper is back in all its rosy-cheeked glory, albeit at a small premium.


Copper finishes bring a traditional, old-world charm into the home - some special character that is hard to beat

Fall in Love, Get the Full Copper Look

Copper has a particular old-world charm in the kitchen. Traditionally used for pots, pans, kettles and trays due to its great heat conductivity, these homely cues are back in fashion, with many kitchen accessories now being made available and furniture trims to match. If your home is all about character and warmth then a Lacanche with copper trim is well worth considering as an alternative to brass. It may cost a little more (

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), but it is one of those features that people tend to just fall in love with, and if you are going for the copper “look” it is a small price to pay for your dream range cooker.

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Lacanche ranges come in an amazing variety of formats, from 70cm to 2.2 metres wide, and with a whole host of options to ensure you get the cooker you have always wanted. Hand-built like no other domestic range, a Lacanche is actually a professional grade appliance with a very pretty face, and is often a favoured option for the homes of professional chefs and serious gourmets. Your needs may be simpler than this, but when you commission your own range from the dedicated craftsmen in the heart of Burgundy you know you are getting the very best - a beautiful, authentic and powerful performer which will serve you well for many years.