New Lacanche Colour & Trim Visualiser on

With thirty colours to choose from and six trim finishes, as well as many size and fuel options, ordering a Lacanche range cooker is an exciting opportunity to get the range you have always dreamed of. The team here at are experts when it comes to Lacanche, and we have spent many hours developing our website to give customers the best overview of the Lacanche collection. When Lacanche recently added some new colours into the range, and two new trim finishes, we faced the task of representing these across all of the cooker and hood formats to ensure customers benefited from the very latest information.

Clear and Easy to Use

In addition to the product images we decided to overhaul our Colour & Trim visualiser tool, a simple way of allowing visitors to the site to see how the numerous combinations work with each other. Certain classic combinations will always work -


and chrome,


and brass - but Lacanche give you the opportunity to be a little (or a lot) more adventurous, so why not consider the elegance of

Light Olive

with nickel, the rich earthy tones of


with brass, the delightfully avant-guard

Teal Blue

with copper or the pleasing pastel of

Rose Quartz

with satin chrome?


Try Before You Buy!

Our new Colour & Trim tool is available on every product page for Lacanche Classic models. The more contemporary Lacanche Modern models offer only chrome or stainless steel knobs against a stainless steel control panel, so the options are not varied enough to benefit from a similar approach. With any model you can just scroll over the swatch panels on the product page to view the facia in that colour, with an appropriate trim finish, but click on the link and the Colour & Trim visualiser allows you to select a background colour and then mouse over the trim options to display a control know and handle-end against that colour. If you would like to see your chosen options at home and “in the flesh”, just let us know and we can send you enamelled steel swatch panels for a modest £10e fee which is fully redeemable against your ultimate Lacanche order. Trim samples are not available, unfortunately, but we have example of each in our Chester studio, as well as a selection of ranges and an enamel swatch in every colour!


Many people (particularly us Brits) play safe with colour, which is a real pity when a considered choice can make a huge difference to your home. Some worry they will tire of a more adventurous colour, but we think that if you can make a confident choice you will never regret it, and your friends and family will continue to see it as a characterful endorsement of who you are. So, whether it is the perpetual sunniness of Provencal Yellow with bright chrome, the deep and flavoursome Burgundy with brass, or the natural warmth of Frangipane with, well any of the six options - have a play and see what floats your boat. Buying a Lacanche is not something you will do very often, and part of the brand’s many unique benefits is the amazing choice of colour on offer, so why not embrace this and get the cooker of your dreams?

Click this image to have a play with the Colour & Trim visualiser:


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