Stoves Richmond 60 Mini Range - New Model, Same Great Formula

The success story of the Stoves Richmond continues with the latest generation of Richmond Mini Ranges, which have evolved from 55cm to 60cm wide and gained some slick improvements.

When Stoves introduced the Richmond range series they came up with a formula for success. A modern cooking platform with a timeless, elegant and traditional look but with a contemporary twist that means in can look stunningly good in either a country kitchen or a contemporary space, plus everything in between. Not an easy feat to pull off, but in doing so Stoves have assured the continued loyalty of British consumers who love the brand values, the look and the heritage that Stoves bring into their homes.


Small, but Bigger and Better

Not everyone has room for a range cooker, of course, and so Stoves introduced the Richmond Mini Range for those of us who want the look but who have more modest needs. The Richmond 60 Mini range is replacing the previous generation 55cm model, offering as it does a more universal format with a potentially wider audience. Not so great if you are replacing an existing 55cm cooker, but a sound strategy from the manufacturer’s point of view. The look is unchanged (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it), with softly bevelled doors, an aluminium lid (with new soft-close action), elegant control knobs and sturdy chromed handles. One key feature on the control panel is a new touch control timer, with a large display and simple operation via three touch-pad buttons. This allows you to program the main oven to come on and go off when you need it (or just timed-to-off for the gas model), and you can even operate it or check the temperature via an App on your smartphone via Zeus™ Bluetooth® connectivity (local operation only, not away from home).


The main oven boasts a 71 litre usable capacity and two telescopic shelves, with a full-width grill tray and shelf in the 41 litre top cavity. Both are A-rated, with Stoves’ excellent easy-clean enamel on all sides. Gas and dual fuel Richmond 60G and 60DF models get a hotplate with an enhanced 4kW main burner perfect for wok cooking or just for fast boiling, with some rather nice cast iron pan supports too (a wok stand and griddle plate are optional extras). All models have two ovens, with a grill in the top cavity, as you would expect.

Richmond 60DF and Richmond 60E dual fuel and ceramic models have a fanned main oven, with a conventional electric oven and dual circuit grill above. The fanned oven also has defrost and slow-cook functions. The Richmond 60G has gas main and top ovens, with a fixed-rate electric grill.

If you prefer an all-electric approach to cooking and have a 40 Amp supply available you have a choice of two models, the Richmond 60E with a four zone radiant ceramic hotplate, or the amazing top-of-the-line Richmond 60Ei, with a four zone induction hob featuring power boost, boil-dry detection, safety lock and a touch-control panel on top, which means fewer knobs to clean around on the front. The 60Ei model also features an enhanced multifunction main oven with additional grill, giving you some useful versatility when you need it.


With a price-tag of £815* or a rather eye-watering £945* for the induction model the Richmond 60 is far from an entry-level cooker. However, there are plenty of customers out there with a smaller kitchen but a healthy budget for the right appliance, and Stoves have done a great job of ensuring that is exactly what this is. Cookers with these credentials and which look and feel as good as this are are rarity, after all, and the facts that they are British-made and come with a 5 year parts, 2 year labour warranty** are the icing on the cake. If you are in the market for a new cooker, take a closer look, call our experts for more information, or just place an order. You will not be disappointed.


*Prices as of May 2018

**Additional year labour on registration if purchased through