Stoves Sterling 2018 - Brilliant Looks, Solid to the Core

Stoves has completely re-engineered their Sterling collection for 2018, and the good new is that this established marque look pretty much as it did before - well, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? The Stoves Sterling is as popular as ever, but now benefits from a completely revised platform and some brilliant new features, which should all do wonders for sales.

Stoves Sterling Formats

Uncompromising Good Looks

For range cooker nerds like ourselves there are some obvious physical differences, but the overall look is familiarly razor-sharp and highly contemporary, with the softly mirrored glass doors clad in brushed stainless or satin black steel and subtly improved matching control knobs and handles. The Sterling is a great formula, and Stoves have retained and refined this look for 2018, as well as making available a wider range of choice by segmenting the offering into standard Sterling and Sterling Deluxe models, the latter being a more feature-rich range which stretches the pricing up towards £2500. In doing so these stunning and sturdy range cookers are competing more directly with their biggest rival, Rangemaster, which should prove interesting and is very good news for the consumer.

At the core of the Sterling is a new


frame - a one-piece steel construction which underpins every cooker and provides a very sturdy platform on which all the other components - all revised and improved - are mounted. The Sterling has always felt solid, but these improvements really do give these remarkable range cookers a high quality feel that is immediately obvious when you open and close a door. The new


cast iron pan supports have been redesigned from sunken to raised, giving better protection to the surrounding hotplate frame, and there is a new half-flat/half-ribbed griddle plate with every dual fuel or gas model, as well as a wok support on Deluxe.

Sterling Hob Gallery

All Sterling models have A-rated ovens with Stoves’ excellent easy-clean enamel interiors and slide-out inner door glass. One significant change to 90cm models is that the tall door is now windowed rather than solid - a thoughtful touch that cooks will love. The grill cavity now doubles as a conventional oven, and 100 and 110cm formats have a slow-cook oven bottom right. The Sterling comes in three widths: 90, 100 and 110cm, with gas, dual fuel and electric models in each of these widths (all gas is available on Deluxe models only). Two finishes are available, a bright-looking brushed stainless steel with (on gas/dual models) stainless hob and a very handsome satin black with stainless steel trim and a black enamelled hob.

Standard or “Core” Models

With the same high build quality and overall improvements as the Deluxe models, and available in dual fuel or induction, the standard Sterling retains the specification level of the previous generation (with an additional oven in the top cavity), but with the more evolved revisions of a full width


on telescopic runners, improved


telescopic shelves and a more powerful dual control 4kW wok burner. On the 90cm models the tall oven gets the name “


”, with its impressive 83 litre capacity. New


fan oven technology ensures an even temperature throughout the cavity. At time of launch prices range from
£1495 and £2295

Deluxe Models

As you would expect with prices from
£1895 to £2495
*, with Deluxe models you are getting rather more for your money.
  • Premium Shelves

    : Heavy-gauge shelving on


    double extension sliders which can now be re-positioned.
  • Connected timer


    Zeus Bluetooth

    © technology allows you to control and monitor the oven via a smartphone app.
  • Steam & Infuse

    : This oven accessory is a vertical cooking system and skewer set designed to deliver healthy, flavourful food every time.
  • Quad Oven

    : On 90cm models, the


    cavity splitter turns the tall oven into two independent fanned ovens, giving you a total of four ovens.
  • Gas Thru Glass

    : Choose the GTG model to get all the cleaning simplicity of a ceramic surface with the benefits of a gas hob, plus a mega-powerful 5kW wok burner.

Sterling Features

Whichever model you choose the Stoves Sterling really is a superb-looking range cooker for the modern home, and the design team at Stoves have listened closely to what consumers had to say and then worked hard to produced a deeply improved new collection which gives people the features, quality and versatility people want without compromising the Sterling’s special looks. With a five year parts and one year labour warranty (extended to two years for free when purchased from, the Stoves Sterling is a range built for the future but available right now, and we recommend you treat your home to one.


*Prices at launch, June 2018