Stoves and Belling Glass Splashbacks - Practicality and Visual Impact

To accompany their new collection of range hoods for their Belling and Stoves brands, manufacturer GDHA has also freshened up their splashback collection with some very smart glass options.

Available in 60, 90, 100 and 110cm widths, the new glass splashbacks are a great choice for any kitchen, as glass is a superbly practical and attractive material for a splashback - it reflects light back into the room, looks impressive and is very easy to clean to a sparkling finish, something steel splashbacks do not always do well.

GDHA Glass Splashbacks

Nicely Made, Easy to Fit

Made from 6mm toughened glass, all edges and corners have been ground and bevelled for a safety and tidiness, and are supplied with a self-adhesive backing, ready to be stuck directly onto the wall. If your wall is not an even surface, a silicone adhesive can also be used to give to a very secure fixing. All models are 750mm tall, which is a good height to position your extractor hood, although you can always fix the splashback lower on the wall if needed, and simply slide your cooker up to it.


These toughened glass splashbacks are rear-printed with a ceramic ink, in either a very versatile black, or the two most popular Colour Boutique colours - Hot Jalapeño and White. There is even a very patriotic Union Jack version in the full red, white and blue or a more restrained monochrome - a fun talking point if you like a bit of graphical boldness in the kitchen.

Glass splashbacks can certainly add a touch of sophistication and sparkle to a room, so these new models from GDHA are a good move. The Hot Jalapeño should prove popular with lovers of red, and will look very special with a matching Hot Jalapeño Stoves or Belling range cooker and hood.

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