VAT refunds

In accordance with VAT regulations we must always charge VAT at the point of sale. Refunds can be made only if certain criteria are met.


You must be a business person or company residing outside the UK.

Your invoice address must not be within the UK and you must remove/export the item and provide suitably detailed shipping documentation within 3 months of the tax point. If these criteria are not met we will be unable to provide you with a VAT refund. We cannot make any exceptions.

VAT Refunds

Further details
For more information, specifically the details required on your shipping documentation, please see VAT Notice 703 (paragraphs 6.5, 6.6 & 7.1) which can be found on HMRC's website

Time limitations
Please bear in mind that some range cookers can take several weeks to be built and delivered to your shipper and this may affect your refund due to the strict 3 month period imposed by HMRC. We would recommend obtaining the relevant documentation as soon as the item has been exported from the UK rather than waiting until it has been imported into your country.