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featured range cooker brands

Rangecookers Appliances is the culmination of years of experience in cooker and cookware design and offers a quality entry-level Select collection plus a stunning high-end collection in the form of Ethos range cookers.
AGA Rangemaster still lead the market as a dedicated manufacturer of quality range cookers for all tastes, and the prolific Rangemaster collection spans sharp, contemporary styles through to more traditional, farmhouse style cookers.
UK manufacturer Stoves has a proud history of cooker production and their range cookers are generously laden with cooking features, combined with a solid build quality. Great value, Stoves are certainly a viable alternative to Rangemaster.
A renowned family brand, Belling have been manufacturing cookers and cooking products for 100 years. Belling range cookers are designed and built in the UK and offer good, solid range cooking at a very fair price.

With a heritage originating from deep in the Burgundy countryside, Lacanche ranges offer the authentic French cooking experience. Built from the finest materials, it is easy to see why Lacanche cookers reside in the world's most discerning kitchens.
Built by AGA Rangemaster, Falcon cookers offer serious cooking for serious cooks. A no-nonsense Falcon cooker not only looks great in your kitchen, but is built to ensure many years of faithful service. Designed to perform and built to last.
Italian manufacturer Ilve have developed a strong reputation for quality and their hand-built cookers are loved by people who take cooking seriously. Robust build quality and effortlessly stylish aesthetic ensure you’re cooking in a different league.
In addition to the featured brands displayed, we sell range cookers from a variety of manufacturers such as Belling, Leisure, Cannon and Caple among others.

We offer a carefully considered selection of range cookers from premium brands like those shown above, in addition to ranges from well known manufacturers such as Smeg, Mercury and Bertazzoni through to the more esoteric marques such as Steel and Ilve. Our collection spans clean, contemporary models through to elegant, classically-styled traditional range cookers - certainly something to suit every home and kitchen!

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shop by fuel type - dual fuel, gas & electric range cookers

Dual fuel range cookers are a highly popular choice, as they combine the benefits of a gas hob with the efficiency of electric ovens. Consequently, dual fuel ranges enjoy the widest choice of style and width formats.
An increasingly popular and growing format, the easy-clean simplicity, speed and efficiency of the latest ceramic and induction hobs make an all electric range cooker a great choice for the modern home.
Many people prefer to cook using a gas oven and hob, and gas range cookers may be the only option in some areas. Fortunately, there is still a fair variety of gas cookers available, and you will find them all here.
Although every dual fuel range will convert for use with LPG, if you are looking for an all-LPG range the choice is now sadly limited, but we proudly feature all available LPG range cookers here.

Versatile dual fuel cookers, sleek, efficient ceramic and induction electric range cookers and powerful all gas cookers - we offer ranges in a variety of fuel types to suit any cooking style perfectly.

or shop by width - 90cm, 100cm & 110cm

Compact yet feature-packed, a 90cm range cooker can pack a punch and is a great choice for the smaller kitchen. There is a huge choice of 90cm range cookers available in all fuel types, styles and colours, and you will find them all by clicking here.
A commonly-found size in many kitchens, there are plenty of 100cm range cookers featured on Rangecookers.co.uk, covering dual fuel, gas and electric formats, and giving you real range capacity in a neat format.
Probably the most popular size in the UK, 110cm range cookers give you a lot of cooking capacity and a lot of choice. Traditional or modern, there will be a 110cm range cooker to suit all tastes and every budget.
Looking for larger? 120cm, 150cm or 180cm range cookers create a real centre-piece and give you impressive cooking power - just click here and use the side menu to select the width you are looking for.

From compact 90cm cookers through to monolithic 200cm cooking machines, range cookers are available in a wide variety of nominal widths - the most popular nominal sizes being 90cm, 100cm and 110cm.
latest from the blog...

Why Choose Induction?

Induction technology has been a staple in the range cooker market for a number of years now, but we're still regularly asked 'Why should I choose induction?' - so we thought we'd help you with that…

What does induction mean? (and now for the science bit)
Induction refers to the method of heat transfer. To work, the induction hob needs to be in contact with a pan base made of a ferrous material. Electromagnets beneath the hob surface create a strong magnetic field which which agitates the molecules of the ferrous metal, and these intense vibrations induce the heat within the pan, which is used to cook the food.

The benefit of this is that the heat is created in the pan itself and passed directly to the food, with little to no heat being lost to the hob surface or surrounding environment. Which leads us rather nicely on to…

Bigblue Cooker Hoods in various colours

…the benefits of induction technology
Because of the heat transferral method mentioned above, there is negligible residual heat on the hob surface, which makes the technology safer to work with than either electric ceramic or gas, both of which retain heat for a period after cooking. Very little heat is wasted during this process too, which makes induction very efficient - indeed, some induction hobs use up to 50% less energy than a gas or ceramic hob*. See the graph below for a comparison of fuel types and heating speed/efficiency.

A Bigblue 90cm hood ColourMatched to perfectly complement the Bertazzoni Professional 90 finished in Aranci

The responsiveness of an induction hob is another advantage of the technology. The efficient heat transfer and method of heat production allow for an almost immediate reduction or increase when called for, ordinarily a benefit offered only by gas burners. This immediacy, together with the evenness of the heat delivery (no hot spots), has won even professional chefs over, and induction has been used in professional kitchens for 30 years or more.

A Bigblue 90cm hood ColourMatched to perfectly complement the Bertazzoni Professional 90 finished in Aranci

Last, but definitely not least to some, is the ease with which induction hobs can be cleaned. The flat glass surface of the hob can readily be wiped down and because it never gets hot, any spillages won't burn onto the surface. This is one of the main reasons that induction is fast becoming the preferred format in busy modern homes where the combination of sleek looks, efficient speed and minimal hassle is a perfect fit.

Choice of induction cooker
Most manufacturers have now adopted the technology and introduced it into their collections, making induction cooking accessible to more households. Prices range from an entry level induction cooker from New World priced at £995 up to a two metre example from premium French manufacturer Lacanche costing £14000 - certainly something to suit most kitchens and budgets!

View our all electric range cookers here, or if you have any questions about our range of induction cookers or induction technology in general, please give one of our team a call on 01244 402 975 and we'll be happy to help!

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featured range cooker reviews


Rangemaster 90

Couldn't praise the service and fit highly enough! Quick and efficient. Really happy with my new Rangemaster oven which I've now been using for about 2 weeks and can honestly say I have no negative things to say. Perfect cooking conditions for everything I've cooked so far. Love the fact that the temperatures are also on the knobs so you know exactly what temperature you are cooking at. As I've got a limited amount of work surface the pull down lid has given me extra work space when not using the burners. My favourite feature is the handy roasting tray that's attached to the oven door which is a real bonus.
Trish Johnson
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Select 90df black

Rangecookers Select 90df black

I purchased this range cooker about 2 weeks ago, after a lot of searching for the one that would suit our family. I was a little nervous as I had not seen this one 'in the flesh', but the staff, who were extremely helpful, sent me a few photos of their showroom model. I have not been disappointed - indeed I am thrilled with it. Cooking is my passion and this cooker is stylish and well build and I have named her Mrs Patmore.
Salli Marsden
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