We're Back!

We are pleased to report that as of Monday this week, the Rangecookers Team has transitioned back to working from our studio in Chester.  At the beginning we decided to take a cautious approach by moving to a working from home arrangement ahead of government guidance, and we have been similarly cautious in delaying our return.

We have had an increasing number of requests from customers to visit our studio, and we have been giving a lot of thought to how we satisfy this demand in a safe and sensible manner.

For the time being the studio will remain closed to customer visits while we continue to monitor the wider effects of the recent lockdown-easing measures.  If  you have questions about one of our current display ranges (which you can see here), then we would be more than happy to schedule a video call so that we can talk you through the features and allow you to view them remotely.

Assuming there are no further lockdown restrictions in the near future, we plan to release a limited number of appointment slots that will allow us to safely provide you with face to face guidance as you choose your new range.  We will provide updates on these appointment slots soon.

Remember, you can reach us by phone, email, or messenger should you have any questions in the meantime.  Stay safe, stay 1m+, and stay positive.

All the best,
The Rangecookers Team