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ILVE's Re-engineered 2020 Collection

One of the finest range cooker brands you will find is ILVE, and as this revered manufacturer has recently re-engineered its famously well-appointed collection we thought our potential customers would appreciate a closer look...

Stoves Deluxe vs Core Models

The current collection of Stoves range cookers is superb, with the three distinct styles (Sterling, Richmond, Precision) defined by two spec levels, the standard spec referred to as Core, and the enhanced Deluxe spec. We are often asked about the differences, so here we try to get some clarity to allow you to make the best choice.

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Rangecookers Select 70df Twin

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Our Select 70 arrived last week we're really impressed with it. The separate grill comes in really handy and the main oven is very large for a cooker this size. Five burners on the top more than satisfy our needs and the with full width pan supports are great. The controls are also easy to use and the doors close with a reassuringly solid feel too. All-in-all, a great little cooker.

- Stephen Peace

Lacanche Macon Classic 100

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I purchased my Macon 3 months ago and I'm awestruck! Traditional simmer plate gas hob and 3 electric ovens (one fan). The burners are hot, much quicker than my old cooker. The simmer plate is incredible, I bring pans to the boil, slide them across to the plate and then leave them alone to simmer perfectly. Hob cooking is effortless, six saucepans on that simmer plate is no problem. I purchased an oven thermometer before I disposed of my old cooker so I could 'calibrate' my baking to the new Lacanche. The 3 ovens are absolutely accurate and I prefer electric ovens now to gas - after 35 years of cooking with gas that's saying something. DO NOT hesitate purchasing a Lacanche, huge investment yes, but WOW, you get what you pay for. Solid build quality, accurate and responsive cooking and lets face it - a thing of beauty in the kitchen. I cannot believe some of the negative reviews I read before I purchased my Macon. I can only assume these people either can't cook or expected all cookers to be the same? Allow yourself a couple of weeks to get to grips with this beast and you will want no other cooker!

- Susie

Britannia Delphi 100 Twin Induction

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Really pleased with this cooker after two weeks of enthusiastic use. It looks amazing in red, and I also got the plinth kit so it looks more integrated. I wanted an induction cooker with metal controls and looked at a couple before deciding on Britannia, which I preferred for its simple and crisp look.I fell in love with the idea of a red cooker. The quality was immediately obvious, too, when you open and close the doors they feel nice and solid. The shelves are really chunky. I use the hob a lot, and the induction is brilliant to cook on and (thankfully) so easy to clean. Haven't used the meat probe yet, but I have tried the rotisserie which was easier than I thought and not messy. I just need to keep saving up for the matching Britannia fridge in red now!

- Martin Shearing