What's Next In The World Of Range Cookers?

As we enter a new year, the world of range cookers is poised for even more exciting developments and innovations. With the constant progress of technology, evolving user preferences, and a great focus on sustainability, the range cooker industry is set to follow within 2024.

From intelligent features to customisable designs, range cookers are bound to further cater to the evolving needs of cooking enthusiasts. So, take a look with us as we anticipate the latest trends and products for the year, with our very own predictions of what you can expect to see…


Enhanced Cooking Performance...particularly for induction!

Advances in technology has led to even more improvements in cooking performance this year. This includes faster preheating times, more accurate temperature control and advanced cooking modes taking your cooking to the next level and making it and more enjoyable than ever.

Today’s time-starved customers are wanting their range cookers to be easy to maintain. Just like many other home appliances, range cookers are embracing smart technology, allowing users to control and monitor their cooking more closely.

One example of this in 2023 has been Stoves' impressive introduction of their zoneless induction technology. Stoves have been leaders within range cooker innovation for many years, with them previously introducing the first range cooker with Bluetooth connectivity. Following years of research and development, the Stoves Deluxe has evolved and introduced new steps within cooking technology. For 2023, they brought in the groundbreaking zoneless induction – a first within the range cooker world.

This exciting FreedomFlex™️ technology takes away the typical induction zones and offers a full surface cooking area that can accommodate up to 6 pans of any shape or size. The very intelligent management system will remember the heat settings of any pan should it need to be moved to another position, giving you flexibility, capacity and freedom within your cooking.

Induction hobs provide greater control and are extremely easy to use, so if you want a hob that is efficient and speedy, but also cools down fast, then a zoneless induction range cooker could be the one for you. Stoves is currently the only brand to offer this but with it being such an innovative idea, could other brands catch on this year?


Aesthetics and Design

Whilst some prefer a timeless look within their home, others will go bold with vibrant colours. Choosing a colour for your kitchen is one of the most important considerations, influencing every decision such as flooring, cabinets, walls and even your appliances.

Each year, experts predict the colours of the year and present them within their colour forecast. Various paint brands’ in house colour experts and trend forecasters predict the colours you will be choosing for your interior, fashion and even technology for the year ahead.

Pantone are recognised globally as a leading source of colour expertise, providing colour insights and solutions for all. Peach Fuzz is the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2024, a soft pinkish/orange colour that gives a 1990’s vibe with a comforting and warm feel.

Warm colours are thought to stimulate conversation, as well as appetites, so a colour like this is perfect for a kitchen. A bold colour in the kitchen is part of some very confident design, and customisation of your appliances is something we think will become even more enhanced over the next year.

Currently with brands ILVE and Lacanche, you can customise your range cooker using their amazing colour match service, using RAL Classic colours for hundreds of different finishes to choose from for your kitchen. Developed in 1927, RAL has since been standardising and numbering colours into a named and numbered system. With this are some beautiful replacements, especially if you are looking to add the colour of the year to your home.

ILVE Roma 100 Induction imagined in the Pantone Colour of the Year 2024 - Peach Fuzz


New Products/Models

With the new year comes the prospect of new models, whether this be a completely new style or collection or a much needed update of a previous model.

Rangemaster are discontinuing their Esprit and Elan models to make way for some exciting new models later this year, whilst Bertazzoni have already released their brand-new Heritage 120 induction model, following the success of the Professional.

This shiny new model makes a statement of both power and elegance within your kitchen, creating quite the centrepiece. The popular Bertazzoni hob is enhanced with the five induction zones being joined by the very smart electric teppanyaki griddle, with bridging zones on the induction side creating even more space for larger dishes or an induction friendly griddle.

The ILVE Panoramagic, a futuristic style range cooker, will also soon be available in a sleek, matt black finish. This will be a great addition to a modern kitchen, with the stylish red LED backlit controls standing out even more on the matt black facia panel.

With induction now making its way into the larger size models, could we be seeing more of this size from other brands in 2024? Stay tuned…


New Technology

Technology is a focus for a lot of the brands we work with. With technology being developed all the time, it is likely we will see even more smart functions added to range cookers in the future.

Precision temperature control is a feature that is so handy to have on a range cooker. No longer do you need to endure inaccurate cooking conditions. Already taking on this enhanced technology is ILVE, with their specific E3 Digital Temperature Control. With E3 technology, you can carefully adjust the temperature in 5°C increments, from 30°C to 300°C using a control dial to nudge the setting.

This improved temperature control feature has been lacking from the range cooker market, making it quite a unique feature for ILVE to continue to develop. The higher temperature is great news for pizza lovers and home bakers, with the more exact adjustment meaning more accuracy when it comes to bake quality. With this technology working so well on the ILVE models, we could see other brands paying more attention to detail when it comes to their temperature and function control, making it easier than ever to use your range cooker.

Another advanced technology feature comes in the form of extraction, with the Bertazzoni integrated hood. The latest Bertazzoni products, with their advanced technology, are part of a continuous story that began more than 140 years ago. Francesco Bertazzoni became inspired to combine his love for family, food and innovative engineering to create Bertazzoni’s original wood burning stoves. This passion and precision engineering has carried on throughout the decades and is now taking a giant leap to new heights with their latest technology.

As part of the 90cm Professional series range cooker, this advanced new product cleverly integrates two powerful technologies to offer faster and cleaner cooking. The Air-Tec induction cooker with integrated hood takes this very popular model and enriches it, with the latest induction technology surrounding a premium integrated hood.

The high-powered induction zones bring full control with precision digital controls and sensors. The airstream technology ensures the elimination of steam and odours when cooking, with the custom crafted vent cover displaying the iconic Bertazzoni embossed logo.

Could this powerful technology make its way onto the rest of the Bertazzoni induction models?


Cookers to take a look at this new year…


Rayburn Ranger 100-3i

The Rayburn Ranger is a totally flexible and controllable cast-iron range cooker. it brings a gorgeous retro styling, taking a very traditional range cooker and giving enough of a contemporary twist to allow it to fit into any kitchen.

This impressive range cooker includes two large capacity radiant ovens, plus a warming oven, which can all be operated independently. On top is a two-zone induction hob that hosts a set of handy features, including boil dry detection, pot detection and power boost function which provides ten minutes of maximum power. Next to this is large cast iron hotplate, holding multiple pans and can be set to either boiling or simmering mode.

The best part is you have a selection of stunning bold or subtle colours to choose from. These eight charming colours are:

  • Midnight (Black)
  • Slate (Dark Grey)
  • Mist (Light Grey)
  • Olivine (Light Green)
  • Sunshine (Yellow)
  • Tomato (Red)
  • Linen (Cream)
  • Marmalade (Orange)

The simple control panel switches the ovens and hotplate temperatures with ease, and the Rayburn Ranger doesn’t require a plinth, flue or any annual servicing.


Bertazzoni Heritage 120 Induction

Originally introduced to celebrate Bertazzoni’s 125th anniversary, the Heritage series takes its inspiration from their original wood burning stoves.

These models suit the traditional kitchen with contemporary living, cleverly combining the classic appeal with the technology and advanced engineering of the Pro series. This double-oven 120cm range cooker offers a main electric oven with 11 functions, ranging from convection and grilling to fast-preheat. A digital programmer allows perfect control of cooking, displaying the oven functions selected. The useful second auxiliary oven has six modes, whilst the hob brings a stainless steel electric teppanyaki griddle and five induction zones, including two bridging zones.

Finishing this well-executed range cooker is a high-resolution LCD touch screen display, further taking this traditionally styled cooker into the contemporary side.


ILVE Panoramagic 120cm 8 Burner

The Panoramagic range brings stylish red LED backlit controls and a sleek facia panel that enables you to see the full touch display screen, featuring ILVE’s unique E3 control to allow precise digital temperatures and minute minder.

Behind the soft close doors of this 120cm model is a 91-litre multifunction oven, offering 15 different settings including fanned, conventional and even pizza mode. Alongside this is a 43-litre multifunction oven, with five different settings including rotisserie and base heat only. The larger oven also features a quick start heat up setting and steam release systems to allow you to control the humidity or condensation levels.

To compliment these ovens, on top are 8 high efficiency, solid brass burners with an easy-clean black nanotechnology coating giving them a non-stick thermal durability. Just turn and press one of the fan-cooled control knobs to bring the hob to life with ease.


Stoves Sterling D1100ei Deluxe Zoneless Induction

The already feature rich Stoves Sterling is back better than ever with the brand new fully zoneless induction hob. The typical induction zones have been removed to offer a full surface cooking area that can accommodate up to 6 pans of any shape or size.

Below the hob is a 13-setting multifunction main oven, a fanned secondary oven with Stoves’ Equiflow system and a third conventional oven with Maxi-Grill. An electric slow cook oven in the fourth cavity completes Stoves popular Quad Oven offering.

Completing this impressive range cooker is the mirrored doors, conveniently allowing sight of the food inside when the oven is in use.


Falcon 1092 Continental Induction

Built to appeal to those aspiring to a more professional standard, a Falcon range cooker uses heavier-grade materials than its Rangemaster cousins, giving a more robust and focused user experience.

This 1092 Continental model has been designed to give you all of the Falcon quality and performance but at a more affordable price. Its simpler layout, lack of stay-clean liners but added benefit of windowed doors are the only differences between this and the more expensive 1092 Deluxe model.

The oven doors open outwards to reveal one 73 litre multifunction oven with grill and one 73 litre fanned oven on the right. On top is a sleek induction hob, bringing you all the power you could need in the form of five cooking zones with amazing responsiveness and useful features such as power-boost, boil-dry detection, simmer and zone-link functions.


Lacanche Macon Modern 100

The Macon (pronounced Mack-on) is one of Lacanche’s best-selling range cookers. Taking a break from the usual symmetrical layout of a range cooker, the Macon offers a stylish look with all the space you could want or need.

The two large ovens are available in various configurations, plus a third, 20 litre oven and grill allows even greater flexibility. A single storage drawer is also included, offering ample space for pots and pans despite the smaller size. This cooker is available with a choice of hobs to personalise and suit your cooking preferences.

The Lacanche Modern series has been specifically designed for serious cooks who love the solid professionalism and more contemporary design for a kitchen. With chunky but lusciously chromed control knobs (or brushed steel if you prefer), you can choose from an amazing array of deep lustre enamel finishes to complement the heavy gauge stainless steel hotplate.