Replacing A Traditional AGA Cooker

In the heart of many homes, especially in rural areas, sits an iconic centrepiece of warmth and culinary tradition - the AGA cooker.

For decades, this cast-iron machine has been the focal point of kitchens around the UK, radiating warmth and serving as a very reliable cooking companion. However, as times change and technology advances, many homeowners are faced with the decision whether to stick with tradition or embrace modernity by replacing their beloved AGA cookers with a more contemporary, efficient model.

AGA's iconic design and British heritage make the brand instantly recognisable. Warming your kitchen and beyond they have been a consistent appliance for many years. So just how can they be replaced and why is now the right time?


A Case For Change

Whilst the AGA cooker holds a special place in many hearts, there are compelling reasons to consider replacing it with a modern appliance:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Traditional AGA cookers operate continuously, consuming a significant amount of energy. Modern appliances offer more energy efficient features such as precise temperature control and programmable timers, plus we particularly champion the electric induction alternatives for both an efficient and environmentally conscious option.
  2. Versatility: AGA cookers are known for their limited cooking options, particularly focusing on roasting, baking and simmering. Contemporary appliances, such as induction cooktops and convection ovens, offer a wider range of cooking methods, allowing for greater culinary experimentation and flexibility.
  3. Space Considerations: AGA cookers are sizable appliances that can often dominate kitchen space. For homeowners looking to maximise their space or update their kitchen layout, replacing the AGA with a more compact and versatile appliance can be a practical choice.
  4. Technology Integration: In today’s digital age, many modern appliances offer smart features that enable a higher level of timing and cooking precision. Some include an electronic meat probe and special functions controlled by a simple touch screen allowing you to specifically modify your ovens for a particular dish.

A large AGA is now considered to be both expensive to run and a particularly un-environmentally friendly way to cook. Although the charm and warmth in the winter are unrivalled, the high gas bills and unwanted heat supply in the summer is starting to turn these machines into an inconvenience.

Here are some of the best range cookers out there that we think will be the perfect replacement for your classic AGA...


AGA Masterchef

The AGA Masterchef collection is one way of keeping the brand you know and love within your home. It brings you the simple and timeless visual qualities associated with the iconic brand, but instead of a large, traditional cast iron appearance, you get a very usable modern range cooker with all the features and flexibility you could need.

Pressed from heavy-gauge steel and lusciously enamelled in a choice of seven colours, the chunky bevelled doors feature very characteristic AGA towel rail handles, with this welcome simplicity echoed by the cylindrical control knobs above.

This understated approach suits the brand, but do not be deceived into thinking this is just a Rangemaster with an AGA badge. The build quality and specification of the Masterchef is much more enhanced. The materials and components throughout are noticeably sturdy, for example the induction hob gives you the very best this impressive technology can offer – rapid power when you need it down to just a gentle trickle. There is also a cast iron griddle plate supplied to take advantage of the bridging feature, where two zones can work in unison to give you evenly distributed heat.

A straightforward three button control digital timer allows you to control the main ovens with ease. These ovens consist of a large multifunction main oven and the same size cavity on the right, another versatile multifunction oven. These both offer fanned, conventional and grilling functions, with a dedicated grill and a slow cook oven located in the cavities above.


Rayburn Ranger

For over 75 years, the iconic Rayburn by AGA has been at the heart of many British homes. A sister company to AGA, Rayburn offer an iconic design with reliability and functionality and their Ranger model is a great update for a traditional AGA owner.

This range cooker uses radiant heat within its ovens, meaning heat is transferred directly from a heat source to an object, as opposed to through the air, like convection, or through a solid, like conduction. This gentle form of heat transfer creates dedicated heat zones at pre-set temperatures, whilst also having the ability to cook food quickly with radiant heat. What you end up with is food full of flavour, with it helping to retain its texture, moisture and goodness.

This impressive range cooker includes two large capacity radiant ovens, plus a warming oven, which are all operated through a dedicated control panel. This simple control panel switches the oven and hotplate temperatures with ease, and the Ranger doesn’t require a plinth, flue or annual servicing like a traditional AGA would.

In eight stunning colours, this cooker can be integrated into any style kitchen. Choose from the bold and bright Sunshine, Tomato and Marmalade or opt for the more subtle Olivine, Mist, Slate, Midnight or Linen.


ILVE Majestic Milano

If you're looking to match the grand, traditional aesthetic of your AGA cooker, look no further than the ILVE Majestic collection.

Paying tribute to the brand's deep Italian heritage, these range cookers are not just visually striking but offer professional cooking features and advanced technology to ensure that they are as good to use as they are to look at. 

With characterful bevelled doors, radiused hob edges and matching control knobs, the Majestic collection is a great replacement for any traditional AGA. Not only does it bring an increased size from the rest of the ILVE models, the Majestic offers an array of options for the enthusiastic cook.

The twin oven cavities on this 100cm model offer a superb cooking environment, with all of the functions and refinement you could need. The multifunction oven can be timer-controlled using the auto programmer and there is even a meat probe for achieving consistent results. The second oven is also multifunction, but without a fan element. It also features a rotisserie, for succulent cooking of any meats.

On top is a superb six zone induction hob, with the advanced and efficient technology you would expect from ILVE. Power boost, automatic boil and a heat up function all add to the convenience and, in addition to this, both medium induction zones feature bridge technology that can be connected together to create one large cooking area.

The TFT touch screen display/control panel acts as the oven temperature and function indicator for ILVE's excellent E3 technology. This precision temperature control system allows you to select the oven function, then set the desired oven temperature from 30°C to 300°C. This more exact adjustment will be welcomed by home bakers and with the higher temperature comes great news for pizza lovers.


Lacanche Citeaux

Lacanche range cookers are practical, timeless and completely reliable. Behind the striking exterior is a smart and professional cooking platform that is built to the highest of standards, just like an AGA. 

The Citeaux, Lacanche's best-selling large format range cooker, is a superb triple oven range cooker that offers copious capacity and a wonderfully neat design. For those of you with a larger AGA cooker, this is the perfect replacement in terms of style and practicality.

Image Credit: @pink_house_dream


This model offers a large 65 litre oven with a storage drawer beneath, a tall 49 litre oven on the left and a tall 85 litre simmer oven on the right-hand side. The hob on top allows space for not one, but two optional integrated hob elements for an additional price. This model features the three-zone induction hob, giving impressive cooking power and almost instant control.

The Lacanche Classic series has been specifically designed for those who love a traditionally styled appliance within their kitchen. With sleek rounded control knobs and a classic finish to your handrail and door handles, you can choose from five smart trims to finish your Lacanche Classic cooker: brass, chrome, chrome matt, nickel and brushed stainless steel. These ranges are hand built to your requirements, ensuring you get exactly what you need for delivering superb culinary results.


Bertazzoni Heritage

The classic appeal of a Heritage model makes it a perfect AGA replacement in both a traditionally styled kitchen or a more modern design. The striking round chrome control knobs are familiar and comfortable to use, making them a key part of the design of the models. 

Originally introduced to celebrate Bertazzoni's 125th anniversary, the Heritage series takes its inspiration from their original wood burning stoves. All of the usual Bertazzoni refinements are present to ensure you get the best results.

This double-oven 120cm range cooker brings both versatility and style to your kitchen. The main electric oven has 11 functions ranging from convection and grilling to fast-preheat. The useful second auxiliary oven has six modes, plus a digital programmer that allows perfect control of cooking by displaying the oven functions selected - managing time during cooking and providing feedback on real-time temperature.

On top are five induction zones, including two bridging zones, and a stainless steel electric teppanyaki griddle that is perfect for cooking stir fries and all-day breakfasts.

These cookers feature triple-glazed doors which minimise heat loss and noise levels, whilst also providing low temperature external surfaces and enhanced insulation materials to minimise energy efficiency.


Mercury 1000

Built in the UK by AGA Rangemaster themselves, Mercury range cookers represent the performance end of the manufacturer's spectrum with enhanced construction, heavy duty furniture inside the ovens and those special Mercury hi-fi controls.

A Mercury range cooker brings a conventional AGA alternative with a stylish design and versatility that performs the tasks a classic AGA does. The defining feature of a Mercury range cooker is its striking design, available in a variety of colours in their resilient vitreous enamel, contributing to the overall impression of quality.

On this specific model, two large powerful ovens feature heavy stainless steel telescopic shelves and self-clean catalytic linings. A particularly robust and impressive glide-out grill makes this Mercury impress even further, along with the subtle branding details and close attention to detail.

The powerful five zone induction hotplate on top includes a pan detection system, power boost on all of the zones and residual heat indicators. Matching extractor hoods are also available and will complement the range cooker perfectly.


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