The Rangecookers Showroom

At Rangecookers, we pride ourselves on delivering great value to our customers. As Britain’s favourite range cooker specialist, we want to help you no matter what stage of the buying process you are in.

With so many different retailers to choose from when it comes to buying your kitchen appliances, it can be confusing when trying to decide which is the best. So, we want to put your mind at ease and show you exactly why we are the right people to come to.

We have a beautiful selection of range cookers in our showroom, from our very own shining Rangecookers Select models to the Lacanche Citeaux that brings the sunshine even when it’s raining (you’ll see why). With a number of different models from the best range cooker brands displayed, here is a sneak preview of what you can find in our showroom…

Rangecookers Select 90ei2 

Our very own Rangecookers Select 90ei2, the first induction model in our Select collection. A sturdy and reliable electric range cooker that is designed to appeal on all fronts, this model will suit your budget nicely without compromising on quality. It features a multifunction, programmable main oven with conventional second oven, two integrated grills and a sleek induction hob. Not a standard build, the competent Select 90ei2 is manufactured to Rangecookers' considered specification at a specialist Italian factory chosen for its engineering credentials and great track record. 

Trusted and established, the Rangecookers brand is a mark of quality, underpinned by passionate attention to detail and the highest standards of customer service. The Rangecookers Select series has been designed as a collection of maximum value, honest and reliable products which will work very well with each other or alongside your existing appliances. 


Bertazzoni Heritage 100 XG Induction in Avorio

This 100cm triple cavity range cooker offers a main electric oven with 11 functions, ranging from convection and baking to fast-preheat, and a second auxiliary oven with six different modes. Both ovens have triple-glazed doors to minimise heat loss, whilst on top is a five-zone induction hob delivering easy-to-control cooking power via rotary controls and digital display under the glass surface. The new bridging function also allows you to use the two cooking zones on the right as one single cooking zone. This XG model also includes a separate "extra grill" complete with a full-width glide-out grill tray. Finishing this well-executed range cooker is a characteristic temperature gauge and a choice of two stunning colours, Nero Matt and Avorio. 

The most prestigious of all the Italian cooker brands and one of the oldest brands in Italy, six generations of the Bertazzoni family have worked towards the impressive product range we now see. Built in Guastalla, northern Italy, Bertazzoni range cookers not only look great but their functional design is built around a high-quality platform using first class components, ensuring your Bertazzoni range cooker will continue to look good and serve you well for many years to come.


New World Contemporary

This 90cm dual fuel range cooker offers a 60L fanned oven in the bottom left cavity, a 66L fanned oven on the right and a 30L cavity in the top left, which includes a separate grill. The 5 burner gas hob on top features hardwearing cast iron pan supports, keeping your pots and pans stable and safe. The 3D decor and windowed doors add a sleek finishing touch, creating a contemporary and stylish appearance.

With over 120 years of experience, New World's range of cookers is impressively varied in style and colour and with a model to suit any kitchen design. Committed to designing their appliances here in the UK, they are focused on putting both family and food first with their considerate design and genuine love of cooking and entertaining. Through innovation and thoughtful design, New World make sure that each and every product is designed for life, both now and in the future. 


Mercury 1000

As you first walk into our showroom you will see this very impressive Mercury. Part of the AGA Rangemaster group, Mercury range cookers thrive on performance, creating a strong presence within any kitchen. In sizes only ranging from 100cm to 120cm, these range cookers give an overall impression of the highest quality and are renowned for their bold and stylish design.

Built in the UK, this Mercury range cooker features large, powerful ovens with heavy, stainless steel telescopic shelves and self-clean catalytic linings. A standout aspect of a Mercury is the particularly impressive glide-out grill, alongside subtle branding and attention to detail. The five burner, one piece stainless steel hotplate includes a powerful 5kW wok ring and the carefully chosen colour used in their vitreous enamel further contribute to the overall impression of quality.


Rangecookers Select 90df2

When it comes to our own brand, the culmination of many years’ experience by our specialist Bigblue designers creates the Rangecookers products we know and love.

The Select 90df2 range cooker is a sturdy and reliable product. This is a great choice if you don’t want to push your budget too far, but also don’t want to compromise on quality. Featuring a multifunction main oven and a conventional second oven, a cooker like this is a great investment. The Select 90df2 is manufactured to Rangecookers specification at a specialist Italian factory which has been chosen for its proven engineering credentials.


AGA Masterchef Deluxe 110 Induction in Dartmouth Blue

With its chunky bevelled doors and very characteristic AGA towel rail handles, the welcome simplicity of this range cooker brings all the features and flexibility you could need. Next generation induction zones give you some very impressive cooking technology, with a cast iron griddle plate also supplied to take advantage of the bridging feature, where two zones work together for evenly distributed power. With four handy cavities, including a dedicated grill, this range cooker is truly something special.

The AGA Masterchef brings you the simple and timeless qualities of the AGA aesthetic in the form of a very usable modern range cooker. 


Bertazzoni Professional 90 Single in Aranci

This simple block of colour can be added to both dark and light décor to create a warm and inviting focal point. Just imagine a refined kitchen with dark units and marble worktops matched with a showstopping professional range finished in Aranci.

Bertazzoni have a 140-year history of building quality into cookers, and this is clearly shown within the functional ergonomic design of the Professional 90 Single Colours. It comes with triple-glazed doors that minimise heat-loss and noise levels, plus easy to clean full-screen inner glass on the oven door. It also features a high-resolution LCD touch screen display and programmable clock/timer, with Bertazzoni being one of the first manufacturers to incorporate this into their range cooker offering.


Falcon 1092 Deluxe in Slate

Part of the AGA Rangemaster group, Falcon is a premium brand for those who appreciate a straightforward and reliable cooking platform which will look great in their kitchen and provide years of robust service.

This Falcon model is a solid and reliable range cooker. Standing alone or integrated with your kitchen units, the sleek design uses heavier-grade materials and has removed features such as windowed doors to create a more robust appearance. A spacious stainless steel hotplate provides five professional grade burners, which includes a more powerful 5kW central burner. The oven doors open to reveal heavy duty oven shelves and racks, catalytic self-clean oven liners and a high quality glide out grill tray and trivet.


ILVE Milano 100

The iconic Milano is one of ILVE’s more traditional style range cookers. It has the perfect blend of elegance and intricacy with a design that creates quite an impact. With premium trims to choose from, including Antique Bronze and Copper, it is easy to integrate this cooker into your kitchen design and colour scheme.

This 100cm model features a versatile 65 litre multifunction oven gives you 15 fanned, conventional and grill functions, with the 57 litre second oven offering non-fanned cooking and grilling functions. A soft close full width storage drawer also provides ample room for all those trays and cooking accessories.


DeLonghi Vintage 90DF Twin Slate

The DeLonghi Vintage collection combines sleek, stylish aesthetic with high build quality to create a reliable range cooker that is great value for money. The distinctive Italian styling and well-considered features for such a fair price make these cookers hard to resist.

The DeLonghi Vintage 90DF Twin is a two-cavity model finished in the very on-trend Slate. This visually appealing range cooker features a programmable A-rated main oven, which has 9 different fanned and conventional cooking functions. The second conventional oven includes a very clever rotisserie, along with a useful plate warming shelf.

We also have this range cooker in White on display.


Stoves Richmond Deluxe S1000 Induction

Designed and built in the UK, Stoves range cookers are available in three styles, two fuel types and a selection of Deluxe models.

Oozing elegance and desirability, this 100cm Stoves Richmond is the perfect choice for both modern and traditional kitchens. Featuring a multifunction main oven with grill, a fanned second oven, a third conventional electric oven and a fourth very useful slow cook cavity. The control panel is home to stylish, chunky control knobs as well as the sleek Maxi-Clock LED touch control programmer. On top is a slick five zone induction hob, with touch control power sliders.


Rangecookers Select 70df2

The Rangecookers Select 70df2 is perfect for more compact space. The extra width allows it to feature not only the five-burner gas hob, but also two ovens – a 53 litre fanned programmable main oven and a 35 litre conventional top oven with variable electric grill. The top oven can also be used with heat base only, which is perfect for cooking crispy pizzas!


Rangemaster Professional Deluxe 110

Rangemaster’s products are known for reliability and functionality. Their products are aspirational but not over expensive, making them a respected brand in the homes of many.

The Professional design format has become one of Rangemaster’s most popular contemporary styles. This enhanced model takes the performance to another level with a multifunction oven which includes Rapid Response, a handy feature which will get the oven to temperature 30% quicker. It also includes a fanned second oven, separate dual circuit variable electric grill and a special seven burner hob with five gas burners, including a triple ring wok burner.


Smeg Victoria TR4110

Smeg range cookers are designed for contemporary living with advanced technology and flexibility. Their impressive ranges come in a variety of sizes, finishes and layouts to suit any cooking needs.  

This stunning Smeg Victoria in Cream has been designed with the British consumer very much in mind. Its retro appearance makes this range cooker fit in with any traditional or contemporary setting, with clever door panelling and sleek styling from classic ranges. This model features two 61 litre multifunction ovens, each with a variety of fanned, conventional and grilling functions. The dedicated grill gives a full width glide-out grill tray and adjustable height positions. There is also a handy storage drawer to keep cookware and accessories.


ILVE Roma 120 Fry Top

The Roma is the most contemporary model of the ILVE range cookers collection. Inspired by professional kitchens, ILVE created this modern appliance to provide an impressive cooking experience. The Roma’s fresh finish creates a sleek look that can be integrated into any kitchen interior design.

This 120cm model offers a versatile and huge 97 litre multifunction main oven which gives you 15 fanned, conventional and grill functions, with the 43 litre second oven offering non-fanned cooking and grilling functions. Both cavities feature a rotisserie, easy clean enamel interiors and two-height halogen lighting for a great view of what is going on, as well as child safety locks. There are even steam discharge vents to allow you to control the humidity or condensation levels to let a little out for wetter dishes or keep it in for baking - a nice touch which demonstrates ILVE's commitment to culinary detail.


DeLonghi Vintage 90DF Cream

Distinctive Italian styling and well-considered features for a very fair price make up this beautiful DeLonghi range cooker. The three cavity model takes on a very visually appealing design, with sleek handles, towel rail and control knobs, plus the softly recessed door panels and printed Vintage graphic on the upstand. Featuring a programmable main oven with 8 different fanned and conventional cooking functions, plus a grill and a tall second oven.


Rangemaster Elise 90

The Elise series has the aesthetic feel of a traditional French style range cooker. This professional looking appliance offers flexible oven cooking with a multifunction oven and a fanned second oven. The elegant facia features geometrically designed solid metal controls with a brushed chrome finish.

On top a five burner gas hob is enhanced by nicely detailed semi-gloss cast iron pan supports, which just adds further to the individual character of this Rangemaster range cooker. All Elise range cookers come with a handyrack and separate slide-out grill.


Lacanche Macon

Lacanche range cookers are authentic and highly capable, making the perfect addition to any style kitchen. This stunning 100cm Lacanche range cooker in Delft Blue is a beautiful part of our showroom.

The Macon Classic and Macon Modern are both popular and flexible range cookers. With a lot of UK customers preferring their cookers to have a separate grill, the Lacanche Macon caters to this need perfectly. Featuring two large ovens, plus a third 20 litre oven and a five burner hob on top.


Stoves Sterling

The Stoves Sterling is the ultimate contemporary range, creating a stunning centrepiece for any kitchen. The steel-clad doors have a light translucent mirror effect which enhances the appearance but disappears when the oven is on. This stunning range cooker shows off clean lines and beautifully detailed, brushed steel handles and matching plastic control knobs. A nicely rounded LED clock with easy to use three button controls makes this cooker not just easy on the eye, but also easy to use.


Belling Farmhouse 100DFT

The Belling Farmhouse shows perfectly that Belling know what they are doing when it comes to traditional range cookers. Its classic good looks and gently bow‑fronted doors look perfect in a traditional kitchen, with enough of a modern twist to also work well in a contemporary setting. This particular model features an A‑rated fanned and programmable main oven and a second conventional oven, plus a separate variable grill, with a seven burner hotplate on top. A solid feel is a good sign and Belling’s sturdy build quality ensures that the Farmhouse will have a long and loyal life.


Falcon 900 Deluxe

A straightforward and reliable range cooker that would look perfect in any kitchen.

This Falcon range cooker, finished in China Blue, is a highly competent machine that manages to find a place within both modern and traditional kitchens. Taking away the more domestic features such as a timer/programmer or windowed doors gives this cooker a more robust and focused user experience. The oven doors open to reveal heavy-duty oven shelves and racks, as well as catalytic self-clean oven liners on the sides and rear of the main oven. Also available in a range of other colours, this cooker will give you premium performance for many years.


Rangecookers Select 90df3

A brilliant three cavity range cooker that will bring style, reliability and value to your kitchen.

This elegant range is a straightforward design with an impressive mirroring effect, allowing you to always keep an eye on your cooking for perfect results. It offers a 59 litre main oven, with fanned, conventional and grilling options, and a 73 litre fanned oven on the right for useful extra capacity. The third cavity is a variable electric grill with glide-out grill tray and plenty of height adjustment.


Rangemaster Classic Deluxe 100 in Cranberry

The Rangemaster Classic's traditional styling makes it a popular choice within many homes. This collection of range cookers combine smart bevelled doors and detailed arched glass windows, plus a handy towel rail. With a choice of widths and fuel types, the Classic cooker is a solid appliance and also features the useful Rangemaster handy rack, attaching to the main oven door so you can pull out your roasting tray with ease and safety.


Lacanche Citeaux Classic

A ray of sunshine in our showroom, this model is Lacanche’s best selling over a metre range cooker. An impressive triple oven range, the Citeaux features a large 65 litre main oven, a tall 49 litre oven on the left and a tall 85 litre simmer oven on the right hand side, plus a storage drawer beneath. The three burner allows space for two option integrated hob elements for an additional price.


Belling Cookcentre

The Belling Cookcentre collection offers all the sizes and fuel options you could need for your range cooker. This 90cm model features a tall fanned oven, a second programmable fanned oven and a dedicated grill cavity with variable electric element. A well‑engineered range cooker with stunning good looks and modern lines, whilst being a brilliant option for those with a budget in mind.


Britannia Delphi 110XG

The Delphi 110 XG shows Britannia's premier contemporary style and attention to detail. Cooking performance is delivered in the form of two A-rated ovens - a nine function main oven, featuring Britannia's Quickstart pre-heat system, plus a four function second oven which includes a rotisserie. The left oven is automatic and even features a meat probe for accurate management of joints and poultry.


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