Range Cooker Lead Times

Here at Rangecookers we know a thing or two when it comes to finding the right cooker for you and your home. We can help you decide which size is best for your kitchen or which fuel type is best for your cooking experience, as well as telling you everything you need to know about how to use your new cooker. We always like to keep our customers informed, especially when it comes to delivery lead times. After the unusual couple of years we have had, we have seen the delivery times of range cookers rise and we want to keep you up to date on all the latest lead times from our manufacturers…


Lacanche range cookers are all about the cooking, with them being specially designed by this historic and impressive French brand. With a variety of configurations also including electric and dual fuel, there’s a Lacanche range cooker out there to suit everybody. Solid and built to last, they offer years of truly professional performance, versatility and lots of great cooking.

For any 1 metre or under models, there is an estimated delivery time of early February. For over 1 metre models, there is an estimated delivery time of mid April. Find out more about Lacanche on our website here.



Rangemaster say the kitchen is the heart of the home, playing a part in why they are one of the best loved range cooker brands. Their collection is made up of both popular traditional models and sleek and stylish modern models. From the distinctive Classic and Classic Deluxe models to the contemporary Nexus model, their products are known for reliability and functionality. The original Rangemaster range cooker, the Kitchener, was invented in 1830 and built at the same site in Leamington Spa in which they are still designing and manufacturing the Rangemaster collection today. Also known for their refrigerators and wine coolers, this is a respected brand in the homes of many.

The current lead time for dual fuel is 6 weeks and for gas models is 8 weeks. For any induction models the current lead time is 12-16 weeks. We do currently have a number of Rangemaster models in stock for delivery within two weeks so be sure to check before ordering. Find out more about Rangemaster on our website here.



As a globally renowned cooker brand, ILVE take pride in the quality and refinement of their range cookers. Efficiency and visual appeal make ILVE stand out amongst the crowd, with precision engineering providing a professional cooking appliance that is perfect for any home. Located near the beautiful Italian city of Venice, ILVE products are handcrafted using the finest materials. Contemporary or more traditional, there is a style to suit you at ILVE, with a variety of hob tops and configurations.

For any ILVE range cookers, there is a current lead time of 12-16 weeks. We do currently have the ILVE Roma 100 6 Burner in stock ready for delivery within 2 weeks, so always keep an eye out or contact our team to find out the latest in stock models. Find out more about ILVE on our website here.



Bertazzoni are one of the oldest brands in Italy, having fun for over 130 years. Their range cookers are built through rich Italian heritage and manufacturing, with cooking being at the forefront of the high-quality design on each of their products. Functional ergonomic design makes these cookers a standout piece in many homes and the passion that has been passed down through six Bertazzoni generations is clear within every appliance. With range cookers available in sizes 60cm to 120cm widths, Bertazzoni’s range offers a variety of sizes, colours and finishes to suit every need.

The delivery lead time for Bertazzoni range cookers is currently 4-5 weeks. Find out more about Bertazzoni on our website here.


New World

With over 120 years of experience, New World's range of cookers is impressively varied in style and colour and with a model to suit any kitchen design. Committed to designing their appliances here in the UK, they are focused on putting both family and food first with their considerate design and genuine love of cooking and entertaining. Through innovation and thoughtful design, New World make sure that each and every product is designed for life, both now and in the future.

The delivery lead time for New World range cookers is currently around 7 days. Find out more about New World on our website here


Fisher and Paykel

Renowned for their superb dish washer drawers and refrigerators, Fisher and Paykel's rangecookers definitely score high for quality and innovation. Offering extraordinary value for money, this is a brand well worth building your kitchen around. 

The delivery lead time for Fisher and Paykel range cookers is currently around 7-10 days, with special orders taking around 6-8 weeks. Find out more about Fisher and Paykel on our website here



Stoves have been a respected and popular brand for many years, with their innovation and manufacturing of very desirable cooking appliances. With long-held manufacturing values being handed down from their predecessors, this brand continues to uphold these but with leading-edge production techniques helping the brand to deliver even further. Designed and built in the UK, these range cookers are available in three styles, both dual fuel and electric models and a selection of Deluxe models. The Sterling’s sharp contemporary style stands out, and the Richmond’s traditional look works just as well in a modern kitchen as it does in a more vintage setting. The newest of the collection, the Precision, is a striking modern range featuring innovative Umbra glass.

The current lead time for Stoves range cookers is 6-12 weeks. Find out more about Stoves on our website here.



DeLonghi is a renowned and trusted brand and have been making range cookers in their Italian based factory for many years. Their Vintage collection is a particular favourite, available in stunning colours such as Slate and Burgundy. With their distinctive Italian styling and considered features, you can’t go wrong with a DeLonghi. The Modern range has a contemporary appearance, whilst the Vintage collection combines sleek, stylish aesthetic with high build quality.

The current lead time for DeLonghi is just two weeks, with their models available within our in stock collection. Find out more about DeLonghi on our website here.



The Falcon brand has a strong association and history with professional cooking. This history has led to an impressive collection of range cookers. Part of the AGA Rangemaster group, Falcon is a premium brand for those who appreciate simplicity in either a traditional or contemporary setting. Although the strong look of the brand has remained unchanged since it was first introduced, the technology has evolved and the current collection uses all the latest components and insulation materials to give you optimum performance. Their range cookers provide you with ultimate control and precision, with the choice of a powerful gas hob or a sleek induction top.

The current lead time for Falcon dual fuel range cookers is 6 weeks. For any induction models, the delivery lead time is currently 12-16 weeks. We currently have the Falcon 1092 Deluxe model in stock in black and slate, available for delivery within two weeks. Find out more about Falcon on our website here.



Also part of the AGA Rangemaster group, Mercury range cookers thrive on performance, creating a strong presence within any kitchen. In sizes only ranging from 100cm to 120cm, these range cookers give an overall impression of the highest quality and are renowned for their bold and stylish design. With a stylish branded plinth to match the statement of quality, Mercury range cookers are available in seven stylish colours: Stainless Steel, Blueberry, Oyster, Snowdrop, Liquorice, Ash Black and Indigo.

The current lead time for Mercury dual fuel range cookers is also 6 weeks. For any induction models, the delivery lead time is currently 12-16 weeks. Find out more about Mercury on our website here.



AGA Rangemaster are one of the most prolific range cooker manufacturers, with the AGA brand itself as the centrepiece. Although known best for its iconic cast iron ranges, AGA’s Masterchef series takes all the elements of the company’s popular Rangemaster and Falcon collections to create high-quality platforms for cooking. The AGA Masterchef brings all the timeless visuals expected from the iconic brand but with more flexible and modern features. All the components on these range cookers are sturdy and reliable, for example the gas hob uses high brass-bound burners designed to give professional power and endurance and there is even a meat probe in the main oven to allow you to cook meat by target temperature rather than time.

The current lead time for AGA dual fuel range cookers is 6 weeks. For induction models, the delivery lead time is currently 12-16 weeks. We do currently have the AGA Masterchef Deluxe 90 induction model as part of our in stock collection, available for delivery within two weeks. Find out more about AGA on our website here.


Fulgor Milano

Fulgor Milano bring modern technology to kitchens, giving you the best cooking experience possible. They combine their passion for quality and contemporary design with functionality and durability to create truly exceptional cooking appliances. High-end, premium Italian design and manufacturing makes up the Fulgor Milano range. Design and power are principles that Fulgor Milano share in all of their products. In their factory near Venice, the Menenghetti family have been putting passion into their design for over 70 years, making Fulgor Milano a well-respected brand particularly in the USA.

The current delivery lead time for Fulgor Milano range cookers is 8-10 weeks. Find out more about Fulgor Milano on our website here.



Rich with Italian style and class, Smeg range cookers are designed for contemporary living with advanced technology and flexibility. Attention to detail is something that brings Smeg's products to life within the homes they are installed in. Smeg's impressive range cookers come in a variety of sizes, finishes and layouts to suit any cooking needs. Whether you're renovating your whole kitchen or simply replacing your old cooker, there are various features and technology available from Smeg. All Smeg cookers feature at least one electric oven cavity, which means the heat can be easily controlled and allows for multifunctional cooking.

The current lead time for Smeg range cookers is 4-6 weeks. Find out more about Smeg on our website here.



A family-run business based in Carpi, near Bologna in Italy, Steel is an influential brand with plenty of passion and skill. The overall feel of integrity within the engineering and build quality of a Steel range cooker makes your cooking experience a pleasure. Continuously considering new styles and technologies when it comes to cooking, this is a brand that strives for perfection. With great variety, including excellent accessories and refrigerators, the Steel ranges are highly desirable.

The current delivery lead time for Steel range cookers is 10-12 weeks. Find out more about Steel on our website here.



Starting at slightly more than both the Rangecookers brand and DeLonghi, Belling cookers are still a familiar sight in the kitchens of many across Britain. The current collection offers a style to suit anyone, with the contemporary Belling Cookcentre models to the traditional Belling Farmhouse series. The brand offers style and quality at a family-friendly price.

The current lead time for Belling range cookers is 6-12 weeks. Find out more about Belling on our website here.



Creating a reliable range cooker, our very own Rangecookers Select series is a popular option. We sell a variety of range cookers from various brands but when it comes to our own brand, the culmination of many years' experience by our specialist Bigblue designers creates the Rangecookers products we know and love.

The current lead time for our Rangecookers Select models is just two weeks. Find out more about Rangecookers Select on our website here.


Lead times can often change but we will always bring you the most up to date delivery time we are given directly from the manufacturers. You can always check delivery times before ordering by calling our team on 01244 402 975 or message us on social media, where we will also provide the latest lead time updates.