Creda C90CH 90cm Pyramid Hood

Key Features:

Delivery Lead Time Delivery Lead Time

Typical delivery within 7 days. Creda range cookers are delivered by a one person crew who will offer a kerbside delivery only.
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Standard Warranty Standard Warranty

Creda range cookers are covered by a 5 year parts and labour guarantee. Hoods and built-in appliances are covered by a 3 year parts and labour guarantee.

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Colour: Stainless Steel

Creda is a historic appliance manufacturer, starting life back in 1919. Producing washing machines, tumble dryers, range cookers, hobs and even microwaves in the UK, this brand once commanded 40% of the English electric consumers goods market…and now they’re back!

Creda is all about family values, now more than ever. Generations have grown up using Creda appliances, with many changes happening over the years but its true values and the philosophy of delivering quality innovating products remain throughout.

General Features
Lights LED
Max Air Capacity (m3/h) 397
Max Noise Level (dBA) 67
Extraction Speeds 3
Width (mm) 896
Depth (mm) 450
Height Min (mm) 505
Height Max (mm) 785
Mounting Height (mm) 650 minimum (700 - 750 recommended)
External Extraction Yes, 12cm diameter ducting required
Recirculating Yes, charcoal filters included

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