Faber SKYPAD 2.0 X/WH F120

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Colour: Stainless Steel

The Skypad is the next generation of ceiling hoods by Faber. Affixed directly to the ceiling, this cooker hood gives you plenty of unobstructed cooking space.


With the modern LED lights, the Skypad 2.0 is both a cooker hood and a stunning light feature to illuminate the space below. The twin brushless motors give you quiet and energy-efficient performance, with the addition of Perimeter Aspiration using the Venturi effect to give 25% less perceived noise.


Delayed switch-off, remote control and Faber’s Connection function (allowing you to operate the hood via a compatible Faber hob) are there for daily convenience. The simple but elegant shape of the Skypad makes it perfect for any contemporary style kitchen and the Comfort Light mode gives pleasant ambient lighting.


The remote control unit controls the three high performance motor speeds, plus an even more powerful Intense mode, as well as the linear LED lighting.


Faber were the original inventors of cooker hoods over 60 years ago, meaning they truly are experts when it comes to the technology and efficiency of air movement. Couple this with a super flair for design and innovation and you get some very high-quality and reliable extraction appliances, as you would expect from this world-renowned brand.

General Features
Energy Rating Not Specified (Re-Circulation Only)
Lights LED
Additional Features Automatic shut-off timer, Remote, Boost
Max Air Capacity (m3/h) 850
Max Noise Level (dBA) 72
Extraction Speeds 4
Width (mm) 1200
Depth (mm) 700
Height Min (mm) 165
Height Max (mm) 165
Mounting Height (mm) 650 minimum (700 - 750 recommended)
External Extraction No
Recirculating Yes, charcoal filters required separately

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