Faber Tweet EG8 A55

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Colour: Black Glass

It doesn’t get much simpler than a glass rectangle over the hob, and if this is the sort of crisp minimalism you like then you will love the Faber Tweet. Brilliant value, all the performance you need is there too via simple touch controls which operate the three motor speeds (plus Intense cycle) and twin LED lights. Faber’s highly efficient Evo Diffuser blower gives you the optimum balance of efficiency, silence, and power consumption, and there is an optional Remote Blower kit if you would rather minimise noise in the room. The grease filter cassettes are dishwasher safe, and there are optional kits and filters available if you need to recirculate rather than extract. Neat, tidy and easy to clean, the Faber Tweet is a popular solution and a winning formula.

A highly significant brand when it come to domestic cooker hoods, Faber were the original inventors of this invaluable kitchen appliance some 60 years ago, and in Italy one in every two hoods will be a Faber. This naturally means they know all there is to know about the technology and efficiency of air movement and this, coupled with a superb flair for design and innovation, means that a Faber hood is one of the most stylish and sensible choices you could make for your home. High quality and notorious reliability are all part of the package, of course, as you would expect from this premium and world-renowned aspirational brand.
General Features
Energy Rating C
Lights LED
Additional Features Boost
Max Air Capacity (m3/h) 700
Max Noise Level (dBA) 70
Extraction Speeds 4
Width (mm) 548
Depth (mm) 378
Height Min (mm) 797
Height Max (mm) 1172
Mounting Height (mm) 650 minimum (700 - 750 recommended)
External Extraction Yes, 12cm or 15cm diameter ducting required
Recirculating Yes, charcoal filters required separately

Product codes relating to this model:

330.0572.387 330.0572.388

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