Falcon 1000 Deluxe Induction

Key Features:

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Standard Warranty Standard Warranty

Falcon cookers and hoods are covered by a 3 years parts and labour guarantee. SxS refrigeration is covered by a 2 years parts and labour guarantee, and wine cooling is covered up to 3 years for parts and labour (providing minimum service requirements are met). Cookware and accessories are covered for 1 year.

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Colour: Fawn

Trim: Nickel



For those of you looking for a straightforward, solid and reliable range cooker, there is nothing quite like a Falcon. Built to appeal to those aspiring to a more professional standard a Falcon range cooker uses heavier-grade materials than its Rangemaster cousins, giving a more robust and focused user experience.


This 100cm all electric range cooker has become something of a classic. It does away with the more domestic features such as a programmer/timer and windowed doors, but retains an appealing appearance.


The oven doors open to reveal a 79 litre multifunction main oven, a 82 litre fanned oven on the right and a separate dual circuit electric grill in the top left. The main oven includes catalytic self-clean oven liners on the sides and rear, with a removable panel on the floor. The fanned oven on the right features wipe-clean enamel.


On top is a sleek induction hob, offering five cooking zones with amazing responsiveness and useful features such as power-boost, boil-dry detection, simmer and zone-link functions. All of this is operated by clean and simple Bakelite-style control knobs.


Part of the AGA Rangemaster group, Falcon is a premium brand for those who appreciate simplicity, with enduring qualities that will never go out of fashion.

General Features
Controls (Material) Rotary (Plastic)
Timer None
Facia Cooling Yes
Additional Features Front plinth, Decorative rail
Cooker Accessories Grill pan, Trivet, Plate rack
Width (mm) 990
Depth (mm) 600
Height Min (mm) 912
Height Max (mm) 937
Weight (kg) Unavailable
Packed Weight (kg) Unavailable
Fuel Electric
LPG Convertible Not applicable
Fuse 45 Amp cookerbox
Electrical Load (kW) 18.4
Type Induction
Ring 1 (kW) 2.5 - 3.7 power boost
Ring 2 (kW) 1.85 - 3.0 power boost
Ring 3 (kW) 1.85 - 3.0 power boost
Ring 4 (kW) 1.85 - 3.0 power boost
Ring 5 (kW) 1.4 - 2.2 power boost
Pan Supports [Number] Not applicable
Ignition Not applicable
Additional Features Power boost, Safety lock, Pan detection, Residual heat indicators
Cavity 1
Type [Energy Rating] Grill
Cavity Width (mm) 450
Cavity Depth (mm) 414
Cavity Height (mm) 165
Door [Location] Drop-down [Top left]
Cleaning Enamel
Shelves [Number] Tray on telescopic rails
Functions Dual-circuit electric grill
Cavity 2
Type [Energy Rating] Fanned oven [A]
Actual Capacity (L) 81
Usable Capacity (L) Unavailable
Cavity Width (mm) 362
Cavity Depth (mm) 386
Cavity Height (mm) 577
Door [Location] Right hinge [Right]
Cleaning Enamel
Shelves [Number] Wire [4] Plate rack
Functions Fanned
Cavity 3
Type [Energy Rating] Multifunction oven [A]
Actual Capacity (L) 80
Usable Capacity (L) Unavailable
Cavity Width (mm) 460
Cavity Depth (mm) 424
Cavity Height (mm) 410
Door [Location] Left hinge [Bottom left]
Cleaning Back and side catalytic liners, Removable enamel floor-plate
Shelves [Number] Wire [3]
Functions Fanned, Conventional, Browning element, Base heat only, Fan-assisted, Fanned grilling, Defrost

Product codes relating to this model:

F1000DXEISS/C 98220 F1000DXEICR/C 100110 F1000DXEIBL/C 100100 F1000DXEISL/N 10231 F1000DXEICA/N 100120 F1000DXEIRD/N 100140 F1000DXEIWH/N 100150 F1000DXEIFN/N-EU 115380

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Add challenge and excitement to your cooking!

This superior, top of the range, cooker is not for the amateur cook or the faint hearted. For a house wife of 55 years, raised on gas, there are many different techniques needing to be mastered and virtually a whole new range of expensive pans required. There is no timer or clock and the colour supplied (China Blue) was darker than illustrated.< /br>< /br>On the plus side, it is fast, clean and very responsive. Food is cooked quickly and evenly and appears to retain heat for longer. As a marmalade maker I have experienced the first, 'full rolling boil' of my life! Rice and spaghetti have cooked to perfection without releasing starch, however, pancakes, after 2 attempts remain a disappointment, flat and card like. On the whole, I am thrilled with this amazing stove that has brought challenge and excitement back into cooking.

The Best Oven you can buy

I had an Aga before, which came with the house. I found it vastly overrated and wanted a more biddable oven. After much investigation and research I chose the Falcon Induction hob. I have not regretted it. The ovens are a consistent temperature throughout, no hot spots. The temperate does not fluctuate and if you set it for 140C, 140C it remains! The right hand oven has cooked multiple pies, cakes and 3 Christmas cakes all at once, all cooking to perfection. The Induction hob, caught me by surprise, it heats faster than gas! If you are not sure what to get,,, get one of these.

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