Lacanche Macon Classic 100

Key Features:

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Typical delivery up to 14 weeks for 100cm and below, or 30 weeks for 110cm and above. Call us to check your particular choice. The home delivery team will contact you promptly to arrange a convenient day and, where possible, time slot. Lacanche range cookers are delivered by a specialist delivery crew who will unpack your cooker for you to inspect.
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All Lacanche appliances are covered by a 3 years parts and labour guarantee.

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Colour: Black

Trim: Chrome






The Macon (pronounced Mack-on) is another of Lacanche’s best-selling range cookers. In the UK, we often prefer cookers to have a separate grill and this model accommodates this need perfectly. Taking a break from the usual symmetrical layout of a range cooker, the Macon offers a stylish look with all the space you could want.


The two large ovens are available in various configurations, plus a third, 20 litre oven and grill allows even greater flexibility. A single storage drawer is also included, offering ample space for pots and pans despite the smaller size. Available with a choice of hobs to personalise and suit your cooking preferences, this particular model features the five burner Classic hob, a 55 litre static electric oven and integrated grill, a 49 litre convection (fanned) oven with grill and a 20 litre static electric oven with grill.


Lacanche Classic series has been specifically designed for those who love a traditionally styled appliance within their kitchen. With sleek, rounded control knobs and a classic finish to your hand rail and door handles, you can choose from five smart trims to finish your Lacanche Classic cooker: brass, chrome, chrome matt, nickel and brushed stainless steel. Choose from an amazing array of deep lustre enamel finishes, with the result being a very special range cooker which is hand built to your requirements to ensure you get exactly what you need for delivering superb culinary results.


With their roots deep in the Burgundy countryside, Lacanche range cookers are authentic and highly capable machines. Solidly built in heavy-gauge steel, cast iron and solid brass, it is easy to see why Lacanche cookers find their way into some of the world’s best commercial kitchens and the homes of many ambitious cooks.

General Features
Controls (Material) Rotary (Metal)
Timer None
Facia Cooling No
Additional Features Front plinth, Decorative rail
Cooker Accessories 2 x Grill pan, Roasting tray
Width (mm) 1000
Depth (mm) 650
Height Min (mm) 900
Height Max (mm) 913
Weight (kg) 140
Packed Weight (kg) Unavailable
Fuel Natural (mains) gas + electric
LPG Convertible Available on request at point of order
Fuse 32 Amp cookerbox
Electrical Load (kW) 7.7
Type Gas
Ring 1 (kW) 5.0
Ring 2 (kW) 4.0
Ring 3 (kW) 3.0
Ring 4 (kW) 3.0
Ring 5 (kW) 1.5
Speciality Rings Wok ring
Pan Supports [Number] Matt cast iron [4]
Ignition Push-button
Additional Features One piece hob
Cavity 1
Type [Energy Rating] Grill Conventional oven
Actual Capacity (L) 20
Cavity Width (mm) 405
Cavity Depth (mm) 422
Cavity Height (mm) 115
Door [Location] Drop-down [Top left]
Cleaning Enamel
Shelves [Number] None
Functions Conventional, Single-circuit electric grill
Cavity 2
Type [Energy Rating] Grill Fanned oven [C]
Actual Capacity (L) Unavailable
Usable Capacity (L) 51
Cavity Width (mm) 414
Cavity Depth (mm) 417
Cavity Height (mm) 291
Door [Location] Drop-down [Top right]
Cleaning Enamel
Shelves [Number] Wire [1]
Functions Fanned, Single-circuit electric grill, Oven light
Cavity 3
Type [Energy Rating] Grill Conventional oven [B]
Actual Capacity (L) Unavailable
Usable Capacity (L) 56
Cavity Width (mm) 414
Cavity Depth (mm) 465
Cavity Height (mm) 291
Door [Location] Drop-down [Bottom left]
Cleaning Enamel
Shelves [Number] Wire [1]
Functions Conventional, Single-circuit electric grill, Oven light
Cavity 4
Type [Energy Rating] Storage
Actual Capacity (L) 26
Usable Capacity (L) Unavailable
Cavity Width (mm) 420
Cavity Depth (mm) 520
Cavity Height (mm) 120
Door [Location] Pull-out [Bottom right]
Cleaning None
Shelves [Number] None

Please check any crucial information with the manufacturer, as details may change or errors occur.

Love my Macon

I've had my Lacanche Macon for three years now and I really enjoy cooking with it. Its burners are really powerful and the solid top means I can cook with three or four pans on one burner. As someone who enjoys baking I find the electric ovens very accurate. I found the brass burner hats tarnish. But, after telephoning Lacanche, I just clean them with lemon juice and vinegar. The enamel finish (mine is Ivory) is easy to clean and looks great.


Really pleased with my Macon cooker from Lacanche. It took me a while to get used to the gas oven as it was a lot hotter than I expected. Now I do all my baking in my electric oven and use the gas oven for my roasting.

Great cooker and the delft blue colour looks fabulous in my kitchen.


I purchased my Macon 3 months ago and I'm awestruck! Traditional simmer plate gas hob and 3 electric ovens (one fan). The burners are hot, much quicker than my old cooker. The simmer plate is incredible, I bring pans to the boil, slide them across to the plate and then leave them alone to simmer perfectly. Hob cooking is effortless, six saucepans on that simmer plate is no problem. I purchased an oven thermometer before I disposed of my old cooker so I could 'calibrate' my baking to the new Lacanche. The 3 ovens are absolutely accurate and I prefer electric ovens now to gas - after 35 years of cooking with gas that's saying something. DO NOT hesitate purchasing a Lacanche, huge investment yes, but WOW, you get what you pay for. Solid build quality, accurate and responsive cooking and lets face it - a thing of beauty in the kitchen. I cannot believe some of the negative reviews I read before I purchased my Macon. I can only assume these people either can?t cook or expected all cookers to be the same? Allow yourself a couple of weeks to get to grips with this beast and you will want no other cooker!

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