Rangemaster NEXUS SE 110

Key Features:

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Colour: Stainless Steel

Trim: Chrome


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The Rangemaster Nexus mixes traditional cooking methods with modern styling. Its sleek, contemporary appearance, and bold use of distinctive aluminium controls, make it a winning choice for any kitchen.


This enhanced Rangemaster offers a more symmetrical layout than the standard Nexus model. It offers a versatile multifunction oven which includes impressive specifications, plus a fanned second oven and even a slow cook oven.


The Nexus SE also comes with an improved dual circuit electric grill, which offers even more cooking flexibility and capacity thanks to its deeper pan design. On top is a special seven burner hob, with five gas burners that includes a triple ring wok burner, and two ceramic cooking zones which also act as a heat source for a removable griddle.


Part of the AGA Rangemaster group, Rangemaster continues to be one of the market-leading brands when it comes to range cookers, with a model to suit all tastes. Aspirational but not over-expensive, Rangemaster deliver choice, quality, style and great cooking features to ensure you have everything you require from your appliance. All of this makes it clear why Rangemaster has been a well-respected brand in the homes of many happy customers.

General Features
Controls (Material) Rotary (Metal)
Timer Programmable timer
Facia Cooling Yes
Additional Features Front plinth, Triple-glazed
Cooker Accessories Grill pan, Griddle, Wok support, Roasting tray
Width (mm) 1092
Depth (mm) 606
Height Min (mm) 905
Height Max (mm) 930
Weight (kg) 128
Packed Weight (kg) 136
Fuel Natural (mains) gas + electric
LPG Convertible Available on request at point of order
Fuse 32 Amp cookerbox
Electrical Load (kW) 13.10
Type Gas Ceramic
Ring 1 (kW) 3.5
Ring 2 (kW) 3.0
Ring 3 (kW) 1.7
Ring 4 (kW) 1.7
Ring 5 (kW) 1.0
Ring 6 (kW) 1.1 ceramic
Ring 7 (kW) 1.1 ceramic
Speciality Rings Triple-ring wok, Semi-integrated griddle
Pan Supports [Number] Matt cast iron [3]
Ignition Single-handed
Additional Features One piece hob
Cavity 1
Type [Energy Rating] Grill
Actual Capacity (L) 25
Usable Capacity (L) 22
Cavity Width (mm) 450
Cavity Depth (mm) 400
Cavity Height (mm) 140
Door [Location] Drop-down [Top left]
Cleaning Enamel
Shelves [Number] Tray on telescopic rails
Functions Dual-circuit electric grill
Cavity 2
Type [Energy Rating] Fanned oven [A]
Actual Capacity (L) 73
Usable Capacity (L) Unavailable
Cavity Width (mm) 460
Cavity Depth (mm) 380
Cavity Height (mm) 409
Door [Location] Right hinge [Top right]
Cleaning Back and side catalytic liners
Shelves [Number] Wire [2]
Functions Fanned, Oven light
Cavity 3
Type [Energy Rating] Multifunction oven [A]
Actual Capacity (L) 73
Usable Capacity (L) Unavailable
Cavity Width (mm) 460
Cavity Depth (mm) 380
Cavity Height (mm) 380
Door [Location] Left hinge [Bottom left]
Cleaning Back and side catalytic liners
Shelves [Number] Wire [2] Handyrack
Functions Fanned, Conventional, Browning element, Base heat only, Fan-assisted, Fanned grilling, Defrost, Oven light
Cavity 4
Type [Energy Rating] Slow cooker
Actual Capacity (L) 21
Usable Capacity (L) 21
Cavity Width (mm) 450
Cavity Depth (mm) 340
Cavity Height (mm) 140
Door [Location] Drop-down [Top right]
Cleaning Enamel
Shelves [Number] None
Functions Slow cook

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Almost perfect

Love this new cooker. It looks great, the ovens are fast-heating and it's much easier to clean than my last cooker. Unfortunately ours arrived with a faulty ignition for the hob, so we're reliant on matches to start the gas until the new part arrives. Helpful response when I called to report the fault (although it's up to 2 weeks for the part & engineer to arrive). These things happen, I'm hoping it's the only thing!


The first meal we cooked on the new oven was Xmas dinner for nine people and it passed with flying colours. Our previous Rangemaster had delivered 20 years of loyal service and was only replaced as we were refurbishing the complete house. The ease of use is the same but the ovens heat up much faster - you have to be careful with the fan oven on cooking times, it's that quick! The slow cooking oven is a revelation. So, the report after the first term would be "shows huge potential"

Fantastic Range Cooker

We love every aspect of the Rangemaster NEXUS SE 110. The gas hobs have excellent control, with enough heat for boiling or a really gentle simmer. The variable height grill is really handy for different cuts of meat or veg. The ovens are very quick to heat and hold their heat extremely well. One of the best investments we've made in our home.

Rangemaster Nexus SE

Amazing! I have had this oven now for 2 years and absolutely love the space on the hob and the ovens are brilliant. So much space. Love that you can grill in the main oven as well as the allocated grill space.

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