Ilve range cookers

A globally renowned cooker brand for over 60 years, each ILVE range (pronounced "ILL-VAY") is hand-built by an individual craftsman at their state of the art factory near Venice. ILVE range cookers consequently have a well-deserved reputation for quality and refinement, and their overall solidity and the integrity of every component is very apparent - from the metal controls to the triple-glazed doors and gentle hum of the ovens you soon know you are cooking in a different league. Good looking and very energy efficient, with quick start ovens and advanced temperature control, ILVE ranges are something rather special and owners can feel quietly confident that they have made a very sound investment.

Results for Range Cookers (price includes VAT and FREE standard delivery)...

Ex-Display - Roma 100 Twin Fry Top

Dual Fuel

£3,695 £2,895

Roma 100 XG 6-burner

Dual Fuel


Majestic Roma 100 Twin 6-burner (Reduced)

Dual Fuel

£4,995 £3,995

Roma 100 XG Induction

All Electric


Roma 120 Twin Fry Top 80/40

Dual Fuel


Ex-Display - Majestic Milano 120 80/40

Dual Fuel

£9,995 £7,995