Rangemaster DXD

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All Rangemaster cooking appliances, hoods, refrigerators and dishwashers are covered by a 2 year warranty subject to registration within 30 days of delivery. Wine coolers & ice makers are covered by 1 year.

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Colour: Stainless Steel

Rangemaster does a very good job of providing excellent refrigeration to complement their famous range cookers, but even if you do not own a Rangemaster cooker you should give serious consideration to their line-up of cooling appliances. This Rangemaster DXD French Style fridge freezer is probably the most popular of contemporary formats, offering as it does amazing family-size storage with superb access to all your goodies in the fridge area, as well as copious amounts of freezer space in the form of two easy-access drawers.

The DXD sensibly does not offer an ice and water facility, as the consumer preference is to utilise the space this takes up for the benefit of storage, of which you get 398 net litres for the fridge, and 210 litres for the freezer. F rated for energy efficiency, totally frost-free (no more defrosting) and quiet-running at 43 decibels this is a stylish and highly civilised means of providing your family with fresh food kept in optimum conditions to ensure maximum like-span and nutritional value. Clever innovations like RangeFresh preserve food by helping to remove ethylene gas from the interior (along with associated odours), helped by built-in ionizer technology to negatively charge any contaminants and effectively eliminate them. The EvenCirc system minimised any heat transfer from the walls to keep things fresher for longer.

In addition to the usual humidity-controlled compartments, practical features abound, with a Quick Drink mode to warn you about the drink you put in the freezer to rapidly chill; SuperCool mode gets your new foodstuffs chilled rapidly (preserving flavour and freshness) or chills that bottle of white wine for when you need it, and SuperFreeze mode works in a similar way for your frozen goods. A door alarm warns you when you leave the door open or ajar for longer than two minutes, and energy-saving Eco Running and Holiday modes keep things ticking over when you are away. Flexible storage comes via a six-height Opti-Lift door shelf, with full width glass shelving inside the fridge. Crisp and bright LED lights are positioned to enable a clear view and great light dispersal throughout the cavity. Where needed, a child-lock keeps things from prying eyes and fingers, and a clear digital display tells you what is going on, and gives you full control via touch-sensitive buttons.

An amazing addition to any household, this ultra-modern and superbly stylish fridge-freezer has been carefully configured by Aga Rangemaster to provide a fantastic solution to your fresh food storage needs, and comes with Rangemaster’s reassuring two year warranty.
General Features
Controls / Display Touch screen / LCD
Energy Cons. (kW/yr) Unavailable
Energy Rating F
Noise Level (dBA) 43
Frost Free Yes
Holiday Mode Yes
Sabbath Mode No
Water Dispenser No
Ice Dispenser No
Width (mm) 910
Depth (mm) 760
Height Min (mm) 1850
Height Max (mm) 1850
Fuse Unavailable
Cavity Location Top
Door Opening Barn-door left/right hinged
Ice Box No
Capacity Actual (L) 398
Shelves [Number] Glass [3]
Drawers [Number] Plastic [3]
Salad Crisper Area Yes
Humidity Controlled Area Yes
Door Furniture Deep shelf, Dairy compartment
Other Features Door alarm, Light, Bottle rack, Anti-bacterial protection
Freezer Rating **** [four stars]
Cavity Location Bottom
Door Opening Pull-out drawers (2)
Capacity Actual (L) 210
Capacity Usable (L) Unavailable
Shelves [Number] Plastic [1]
Drawers [Number] Plastic [2]
Door Furniture None
Super-cool Function No
Fast Freeze Function Yes
Other Features Door alarm, Self-close door, Over-temperature alarm, Anti-bacterial protection

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