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Nominal Width: 100 cm

Fuel Type: Natural Gas

Key Features:

  • 5 powerful gas burners
  • Large gas oven
  • Large electric simmer oven for slow-cooking/warming
  • Deep lustre enamel


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Lacanche Volnay Classic 100

Key Features:

Standard Warranty

All Lacanche appliances are covered by a 3 years parts and labour guarantee.

Delivery Lead Time

Popular models sometimes available from stock, other models available within approximately 24 weeks. Call us to check your particular choice. The home delivery team will contact you promptly to arrange a convenient day and, where possible, time slot. Lacanche range cookers are delivered by a specialist delivery crew who will unpack your cooker for you to inspect.

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The mirror image of the Vougeot [Voo-ji-oh] Classic, the Volnay Classic offers a large 73 litre main oven on the right, together with a capacious 84 litre simmer oven (or neutral cupboard if preferred) on the left hand side. This thermostatically controlled simmer oven (30 to 110°C) is ideal for slow cooking, proving dough or keeping food or plates warm. A large drawer beneath the main oven offers ample storage.

This model features the five burner Lacanche Classic Hob, together with a large main gas oven and 950w electric simmer oven (or Neutral Cupboard). Click the link above the main image for pricing and details of the optional Traditional hotplate and static or Dual Function electric oven variants, and feel free to call us to talk things through or order a Lacanche brochure.

Cooking with gas is still much preferred by many cooks for its moister cooking environment, which can produce better results when it comes to bread, cakes and other baked items. High performance gas ovens have been an option for many years, but up to now these have been a little too much for UK cooks, built as they were for general gastronomy rather than the subtleties of baking. Lacanche have been aware of this for some time, and have been busy re-engineering their gas oven to provide a greater range of control. A new thermostat gives home chefs a temperature range of 100 degrees at gas mark 1 to 260 degrees at gas mark 10 - hot enough for some amazing roasting power, but flexible enough to bake wonderfully at the lower end of the scale.

With their roots deep in the Burgundy countryside, Lacanche range cookers are authentic and highly capable gastronomic work-horses. Solidly built in heavy-gauge steel, cast iron and solid brass, with performance to match, it is easy to see why Lacanche cookers find their way into some of the world’s best commercial kitchens, and into the homes of the most discerning of cooks. Not just beautiful to look at, these ranges are all about cooking, purely, simply and delightfully.
General Features
Controls (Material) Rotary (Metal)
Timer None
Facia Cooling No
Additional Features Front plinth, Decorative rail
Cooker Accessories Roasting tray
Width (mm) 1000
Depth (mm) 650
Height Min (mm) 900
Height Max (mm) 913
Weight (kg) 120
Packed Weight (kg) Unavailable
Fuel Natural (mains) gas + electric
LPG Convertible Available on request at point of order
Fuse 13 Amp plug fitted
Electrical Load (kW) Unavailable
Type Gas
Ring 1 (kW) 5.0
Ring 2 (kW) 4.0
Ring 3 (kW) 3.0
Ring 4 (kW) 3.0
Ring 5 (kW) 1.5
Ring 6 (kW)
Ring 7 (kW)
Ring 8 (kW)
Speciality Rings Wok ring
Pan Supports [Number] Matt cast iron [4]
Ignition Push-button
Additional Features One piece hob
Cavity 1
Type [Energy Rating] Slow cooker
Actual Capacity (L)
Usable Capacity (L) 79
Cavity Width (mm) 328
Cavity Depth (mm) 535
Cavity Height (mm) 452
Door [Location] Left hinge [Left]
Cleaning Enamel
Shelves [Number] Wire [2]
Functions Slow cook, Warming
Cavity 2
Type [Energy Rating] Gas oven
Actual Capacity (L) Unavailable
Usable Capacity (L) 70
Cavity Width (mm) 550
Cavity Depth (mm) 465
Cavity Height (mm) 291
Door [Location] Drop-down [Top right]
Cleaning Enamel
Shelves [Number] Wire [1]
Functions Gas, Oven light
Cavity 3
Type [Energy Rating] Storage
Actual Capacity (L) 33
Usable Capacity (L) Unavailable
Cavity Width (mm) 620
Cavity Depth (mm) 520
Cavity Height (mm) 120
Door [Location] Pull-out [Bottom right]
Cleaning None
Shelves [Number] None

Product codes relating to this model:

LG1051G-G-BK LG1051G-G-SS LG1051G-G-CR LG1051G-G-GRI LG1051G-G-RB LG1051G-G-AUB LG1051G-G-PYW LG1051G-G-ANT LG1051G-G-BLD LG1051G-G-BPR LG1051G-G-BLP LG1051G-G-BL LG1051G-G-OL LG1051G-G-OLI LG1051G-G-GR LG1051G-G-FRN LG1051G-G-UMB LG1051G-G-CLT LG1051G-G-MD LG1051G-G-TER LG1051G-G-WH LG1051G-G-IV LG1051G-G-ANI LG1051G-G-SG LG1051G-G-SI LG1051G-G-GRP LG1051G-G-FAI LG1051G-G-TLB LG1051G-G-LG LG1051G-G-QP

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